Mentor Plus

Get handholding and in depth personalized Counseling over a long duration (during your academic or professional journey till you succeed) from Top Industry Professionals, Domain experts and Career Consultants from your chosen are of interest

PInterview boost your success rate and helps you get desired results with the help of your chosen expert for a longer duration in order to guide and train you with required skills to succeed and make your dream reality

If you are looking for a long term association with an Expert or Industry professional in order to get best results to make a successful career for yourself, PInterview has designed a special program through which you can connect with any Top professional for a long period and get their best career advice to help you succeed. Whether you are looking to get into Ivy league college or preparing for competitive exams or studying in final year at college and dreaming to grab best campus placement job offer or a fresh graduate looking for a job offer or even a young working professional who is looking to make a career in a different sector altogether; You can get a Mentor of your area of interest ( for e.g. from Harvard to IIM Alumni or Amazon Professional to Ex IAS officer ) and use their years of professional expertise & experience in order to build or grow in your career with confidence

Mentor Plus – Get a Mentor of your choice to guide you until you succeed

• Grow in your career under direct guidance from Top Professional

• Get into particular Sector-Domain-Company-Role with the help of Mentor

• One to One personalized online session throughout your professional journey

• Learn and develop High demand skills from respective Domain expert

• Handholding from Top professionals to make candidates successful

• Long duration association with a specific Mentor for desired results

Who Can Apply – Students, Fresh graduates, Job Aspirants and Young working professionals


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