Microsoft Interview Questions

Microsoft Interview Questions you need to know and prepare if you are aiming for a Job with the Tech giant Microsoft. Microsoft is world’s most valuable company in terms of market capitalization. Most of the computers run on Microsoft’s software and MS Office is the first choice of computer users. Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates in 1975 and still occupy the largest market share.

If you have taken or studied Computer Science then you must have though about becoming Bill Gates in your life at some point of time. As it is true that there will be only one Bill Gates but you can also join Microsoft and become one of the Microsoft proud employees who are being loved by everyone.

Aren’t you want to work with Microsoft ? So what are you thinking, Read following Microsoft Interview questions and prepare these Microsoft Interview Questions to ace the job interview with Microsoft  to make your dream come true.

  1. What do you know about Microsoft?
  2. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
  3. What are you chief strengths that you would implement into the job?
  4. Are you open to leadership roles?
  5. What are your basic strategies to handle your team and maintain work ethic?
  6. What do you aim to achieve from Microsoft?
  7. Tell us about your work experiences in this particular field.
  8. What part of the job profile do you believe suits you the most?
  9. What are your weaknesses and fears?
  10. What do you believe are your roles and responsibilities in this organisation?
  1. Detect a cycle in a linked test.
  2. What is a BST?
  3. What is the frequency at which you should check Microsoft updates?
  4. What is OOP?
  5. What is the significance of code optimization?
  6. What are the functions of Advanced Power Management?
  7. Validate the following IP addresses.
  8. Given a stream of binary numbers, find the points when the stream becomes multiples of 3.
  9. What does XP in Windows XP stand for?
  10. What does the Dynamic Link Library contain?
  11. Code 2 methods of a Delegator.
  12. Draw a circle without floating point arithmetic.
  13. Insert a node in a BST.
  14. Verify whether the two following binary trees are identical or not.
  15. Implement a Stack using a Linked List.
  16. Explain Azure cloud services.
  17. What is the function and significance of Sharepoint?
  18. How do you implement LRU?
  19. Identify the nth smallest element in an array.
  20. Distinguish between Linux OS and Windows OS.
  21. Given a Linked List of integers, write a function to modify the linked list in-place such that all the even numbers appear before all the odd numbers in the modified linked list.
  22. Print the last 8 lines of a big string.
  23. Given a particular string, print all the possible palindromic partitions.
  24. How would you transform a given graph to a graph with all non-negative weight edges?
  25. Identify whether a binary tree is balanced.
  26. Remove the duplicates from a string.
  27. What is the maximum number of characters that when applying MsgBox and InputBox?
  28. What are the functions of ScanDisk?
  29. What file system is supported by Windows XP?
  30. What is a dual boot system?
  31. In situations of conflict, how do you attempt to resolve it?
  32. You have two jars, 50 red marbles and 50 blue marbles. You need to place all the marbles into jars such that when you blindly pick one marble out of one jar, you maximise the chances that it will be red. When picking, you’ll first randomly pick a jar, and then randomly pick a marble out of that jar. You can arrange the marble however you like but each marble must be in a jar.
  33. There are 4 dogs each at one corner of a unit square, each of the dogs starts chasing the dog in the clockwise direction. They all run at the same speed and continuously change their direction accordingly so that they are always heading straight towards the other dog. How long does it take for the dogs to catch each other and where?
  34. If you come across work place harassment what would you do?
  35. What are the strengths that you aim to achieve through this job?
  36. You have 32 numbers. What is the least number of comparison needed to find the 2nd smallest out of them?
  37. If your teammate or colleague is demotivated or depressed, what would you do encourage him or her?
  38. Narrate an incident when you transformed your weakness into a success.
  39. What would you do if you did not agree with your boss’ opinion? How would you convince him or her of the same?
  40. What would you contribute to Infosys in terms of your strengths?

Hope you are ready with all the above Microsoft Interview Questions when you are going to appear for a job with Microsoft.

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