Infosys Interview Questions

Infosys Interview Questions every one should know and prepare before interview with Infosys. Infosys is most reputed IT Consulting firm of India. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley of India Bangalore. Infosys hires thousands of professionals every year and it is one of the favorite Recruiters at the College Campuses in India.

If you are aiming to join Infosys this year, Focus on the following Infosys Interview Questions and prepare before facing Interview with Infosys.

  1. Who is the founder of Infosys?
  2. What do you believe is our vision and objective?
  3. Name 5 close competitors of Infosys.
  4. Why do you want to work for Infosys?
  5. Where does Infosys lie in the current IT domain?
  6. What was the estimated turnover of Infosys in the last year?
  7. What do you believe would be your duties under this enterprise?
  8. What are your major strengths that you would implement into the job?
  9. What are your apprehensions?
  10. Name 3 weaknesses that have previously affected your productivity.
  11. Are you open to a leadership role or would you prefer working under a leader?
  1. When was Infosys founded?
  2. How do you think working in Infosys would aid you in your professional growth?
  3. Why did you select IT?
  4. What are your future professional plans?
  5. What would you prefer, earning or learning?
  6. Rate yourself from 0-10 in terms of adaptability.
  7. What are the different types of inheritance?
  8. What is the function of inheritance?
  9. Distinguish between Java and C++.
  10. What is garbage collection?
  11. What is a package in Java?
  12. Why do we create a package?
  13. Why do we use the phrase ‘virtual machine’ for Java?
  14. How is virtual machine implemented?
  15. What is the process of inheriting variables from one class to another?
  16. What is null pointer?
  17. Explain the structural difference between a bit-map and b-tree index.
  18. How would you define a clustered index?
  19. What is EXE?
  20. What is database schema?
  21. Why is it a challenging task to store linked list in an array?
  22. What is the function of a primary key?
  23. What is encapsulation?
  24. Why is polymorphism essential?
  25. How would you search for a trade in SQL?
  26. Did you face a situation wherein your work was criticized?
  27. How do you react to negative comments regarding your work?
  28. If you had to fire someone, how would you handle the situation?
  29. If there was a clash of opinions between you and your leader, how would you persuade your head?
  30. If you were given the liberty to change 5 things about Infosys, what would they be?
  31. Narrate an incident when your project failed.
  32. Narrate an incident when you encountered success because you implemented one of your best strengths.
  33. How do you handle situations with strict deadlines and extreme pressure?
  34. Rate yourself from 0-10 with respect to your communication skills.
  35. If you could introduce a change into the functioning of the company, what would it be?
  36. If your teammate is dissatisfied with his or her job, how would you react to it?
  37. Mention 3 things that you have not written in your resume.
  38. At what professional status do you perceive yourself in the next 3 years?
  39. If you were to receive a better package in another firm, what would you do?

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