Consulting Interview QuestionsConsulting Interview Questions for your preparation for Management Consultant Job profile. Are you bright, businesslike, and interested in finding new solutions to other people’s problems and interested in making a career as Top Management Consultant and looking to work with Mckinsey, Bain or BCG ?

There’s no denying it: consulting is hard to get into. This is especially true if you want to work for the top management and strategy firms, which tend to target the best students from elite universities.

Whilst Consulting Job interviews are generally considered to be the more challenging side of the management consulting job interview and focuses mainly in depth knowledge of Strategy and Problem Analysis skills, it is important to still be aware of other types of domain subjects like Finance, Operation and Marketing interview questions that you will inevitably face when interviewing with a top management consulting firm or any company for that matter!

The key to any good interview is preparation—and there’s no better preparation than knowing the kinds of questions that you’re likely to face. Below are some of the standard questions which generally appear during Consulting Job Interviews and make candidates to think and provide the best answers to impress the Interviewers to land a job.


  1. What subjects did you opt for in college?
  2. What did you choose this particular group of subjects?
  3. What do you think are the reasons behind a CPG quandary?
  4. What is a Use Case model?
  5. What is your view on the overall profitability of the CPG business?
  6. How would you quantify a lead?
  7. Define marketing sizing.
  8. Why are estimates so crucial to the consulting field?
  9. What has been the toughest challenge that you faced at your workplace?
  10. Do you have any past work experience in the field of consulting?
  11. If you do not agree with your boss with respect to the functioning of a project, how would you handle the situation?
  12. What do you believe would be your role and duty at the firm?
  13. What is the function of consulting?
  14. Should I open a Chick- Fil- A on a Tuesday?
  15. What is Pugh matrix?
  16. Name one quality of yours that best suits this job?
  17. What is your management style?
  18. Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
  19. What is your work ethic?
  20. What is more important according to you, money or experience?
  21. Our client wishes to get into the fashion industry, what should they do?
  22. Should I install Wi-Fi on my airplane?
  23. You are discussing a contemplated divestiture with the CFO of a large corporation. What are some of the points you’d want to make in considering how our firm can potentially assist him or her? What key themes would you want to hit on?
  24. Our client is thinking of acquiring a company that makes a certain type of medical device; what do they need to consider in making their decision?
  25. How would you go about advising a hypothetical client on commercializing a teleportation device that they have invented?
  26. How many motorbikes are there in New Jersey?
  27. If you had enough money on you, would you consider retirement?
  28. What are your best qualities that you implement at work?
  29. What are your shortcomings?
  30. Narrate an incident wherein you encountered failure due to your weakness.
  31. What is the best advice that you have given to a co-worker?
  32. How would you describe your dream job?
  33. If you were to fire someone from their work, how would you feel about it?
  34. Why do you want to work for this organisation?
  35. An online brokerage is growing well but can’t seem to reach their profitability goals; what could be going on?
  36. How many cricket balls could fit in a BMW?
  37. Why did you pursue an MBA?
  38. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  39. Do you consider yourself to be an asset to the company?
  40. Have you dealt with low team morale in the past?
  41. How would you handle a customer complaint?
  42. How many airplanes leave from Delhi Tuesday morning?
  43. How would a nuclear plant deal with waste products?
  44. You are sitting on a giraffe in the savannas, what can you see?
  45. How many areas are there in Kano analysis?
  46. What is PEST?
  47. What is the function of the Scrum method?
  48. What is the difference between the spiral model and the waterfall model?
  49. How would you develop a product from an idea?
  50. Define your own brand.

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