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Cashless Transactions : Dream or Reality

After Demonetization, Indians are forced to go for Cashless Transactions due to scarcity of currency notes. But is Cashless transaction future of India or just a seasonal flavor. Will this latest trend be able to stay forever or will be gone once RBI make supply of enough currency notes ? Is India really ready to […]

How CAT Topper 2015 Aced IIM Interviews

A,B,C as seems like sequence of first three letters of alphabet but ask any MBA Aspirants and they will explain what does it really mean to them. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta: India’s top 3 B-School and not always they follow alphabet sequence as ranking fluctuates every year based on their performance on […]

How Harsha Bhogle Cracked IIM Interview ?

You make it or break it but you can’t forget it. This is how people remember IIM Admission  Interview experience and do not hesitate to share their Interview Cracking strategy with MBA Aspirants and always try to make a positive difference in someone life and career with their experience or with some of the winning […]

How I Survived in IIM Interview : Nikhil, IIM Ahmedabad

Survival of fittest. This is the Secret Mantra to Ace IIM Ahmedabad Interview as you would be competing against best minds & Top Talents of India to secure a seat at Mecca of Management education IIM Ahmedabad. One silly mistake and be ready for Next year Interview Call if you again crack CAT with high […]

Intolerance | What is the matter ?

“The behaviour of the Hindutva extremists has opened the door to critics to suggest that it is safer in India to be a cow than a Muslim.” Is India an intolerant nation? Are Indians intolerant masses? Does the Indian society and culture promote intolerance? The media and social media networks were set abuzz with incessant […]

How to Ace XLRI Interview : Achyut XLRI

XLRI Jamshedpur, top B-School of eastern India, not only tests aptitude skills of candidates during tough XAT papers, but conducts high stress interviews by demanding Interviewers to select the most deserving aspirants for 2 years of MBA course. Mr. Achyut Gupta, currently pursuing MBA at XLRI Jamshedpur, shared his XLRI Admission interview experience with some […]

How I Succeed in IIM Bangalore Interview : Soumya

IIM Bangalore is one of top B-School in India and the favorite among MBA Aspirants.  If one compares the IIMs under BLACKI list, no doubt he will find IIM Bangalore better as compare to others on many parameters like location advantage, weather advantage, connectivity, presence of MNCs and many more. IIM Bangalore is a more […]

Don’t Leave it Until You Achieve it : CAT 2016 Topper

How it feels being an XLRI Alumni and appearing in CAT written exam after a gap of 5 years and cracking CAT with a perfect 100 percentile. The  year 2017 is a proof of “Champions never get Old “, whether it’s Yuvraj or Rafa or Serena. Time and again it has been proved that Practice […]

Group Discussion Topic Analysis “Who is a Better Manager ? “

Who do you believe would be a better manager? A man or a woman? Does gender decide your managerial skills or is it is subjective and devoid of any gender specificity? Arguments Pro Men being the Better Managers Candidate A: As much as I do not intend to sound sexist or biased towards the male […]

WAT / Essay Topic Analysis: “DEMONETIZATION”

The eve of November 8, 2016, with the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s declaration of demonetization in India left the nation stupefied. A profoundly and intricately planned decision, with foreseen and long term benefits for the nation, the INR 500 and INR 1000 notes were declared as illegal tender. Statistically, this day caused India to […]