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Top 10 Resume Tips for Best Interview Results

Top 10 Resume Tips for writing your resume before applying for any job opening. Your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own. When it works, you work; and when it doesn’t, you don’t. Unfortunately, technology has revolutionized corporate recruitment, and you may not know what it takes to build a killer […]

Best Body Language Tips to Crack Interview

Best Body Language Tips, one must know, learn, understand and practice in daily life to get desired results in any field. Studies have shown that your body language communicates more to another person than what you say or the tone of your voice. This is even truer when you are interacting with a stranger, as […]

What is your Salary Expectation – Best Interview Answer

A common question at a job interview or on a job application form is ‘What is your Salary expectation?’ But it’s a tricky one to answer. It can be awkward, the majority of job seekers don’t want to discuss money. If you say a figure too high you may miss out on a job offer.  […]

How to answer Why you got fired in an Interview

How to answer Why you got fired in an Interview is a question every candidate wants to answer in best possible way after getting pink slip in his last company. Being asked about why you were terminated is among the most challenging interview questions to answer. It’s uncomfortable to talk about losing your job under […]

Top 10 Group Discussion Tips to Crack any GD

Group Discussion Tips You must know in order to win any GD for best results. Group discussions occur in many different formats – from very informal ones between friends to highly structured and challenging discussions included as part of a selection process. In both cases, there are a number of specific skills that we can […]

Why do You want this Job – Best Interview Answer

Why do You want this Job : Most obvious Interview question in any Job Interview. A common question that will be asked in a job interview is “Why did you apply for this job?” Consider this as your opportunity to position yourself and gain a competitive advantage over other candidates. When you are going for […]

Why This Company HR Question: How to Answer

You must prepare Why This Company HR Question if you want to convince Interview panel about your passion and interest towards their company. With this question employers are evaluating how passionate the candidate is about the opportunity, whether the candidate has performed extensive research, what the candidate knows about the organization, and whether the company […]

Why Low Marks in Graduation : Best Interview Answer

Why Low Marks in Graduation or in your academics ? This Interview Question is an essential question if you have scored low any time in your academic life. It’s certainly important to be honest about your scores, but remember that while you may have to discuss some negative aspects of your career history during a […]

What is your ACHIEVEMENT – Best Interview Answer

What is your ACHIEVEMENT – Generally asked to know whether a candidate has any success in his/her life or not.  It’s hard if you’re a new graduate without much to draw on, and it’s even harder when looking back on the bunch of smaller accomplishments over the course of your career. Furthermore, you may not […]

How to Destress Yourself after a bad Interview

One must learn How to Destress Yourself after a bad Interview. It is not always possible to recover from a really big blunder. Some things are definitely not recoverable. Recovery may be possible because you might not have been as bad as you thought you were or no one else was better. Most interviewers understand […]