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Fashion Designer Salary and Job Profile Analysis

Apart from Creativity, Fashion Designer Salary is the most important factor when people chose this course and career  Fashion clothes designers review industry reports and observe popular culture to shape a creative vision that will appeal to consumers. They then develop hand-sketches for approval, choose fabrics and produce types to polish their designs. After final […]

Corporate Social Responsibility : Latest Career Option

Every day companies are joining the growing number of organizations committing to positive change locally, socially, and globally. In order to achieve these goals, businesses are implementing corporate social responsibility programs aimed at aligning these values with their daily operations. Corporate social responsibility can mean a number of things: going green, advancing basic human rights, […]

Machine Learning Jobs Profile and Salary Analysis

Machine learning Jobs, the subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computers to “learn” to perform tasks they haven’t been explicitly programmed to do. Basically, machine learning refers to algorithms that ingest huge amounts of data, extract patterns from that data and turn those patterns into actions. It is now being employed in a vast […]

Data Scientist Jobs Salary and Profile Analysis

Data Scientist Jobs Salary, the newest Job Profile offers good CTC Package. Data scientists mine and analyze data from a range of sources, including customer transactions, click streams, sensors, social media, log files and GPS plots. Their mission is to unlock valuable and predictive insights that will influence business decisions and make a competitive advantage. […]

Why become a Business Analyst – Job Profile and Salary Analysis

Why become a Business Analyst – How many times you think this question ? Better to understand Job Profile and find your calling New businesses are making their way into the market rapidly and this in turn is increasing the competition. With growing competition and hunger to be the best in industry, there is a […]

What is Digital Marketing – A Shining Career choice

What is Digital Marketing :Let us explore this new trendy career option for creative people who believe in technology and innovation Digital marketing is all about using Digital devices like Computers, Internet, mobiles, smart TV as marketing channel. Due to increasing number of internet and mobile users in India, Digital marketing is becoming popular now. […]

Become a Chartered Accountant

Training as a Chartered Accountant although is a hard field of study, it opens up vast array of career opportunities in every sector of business and finance, both in India and Internationally. Chartered training is a combination of innovative education and mentored work experience. The end result is accountants with a greater ability to analyze […]

Why you should choose Journalism as a Career

Journalism has evolved rapidly in India and worldwide. Factors like fighting for independence and World War greatly influenced the growth and direction of journalism and as a result, rose several other fields of mass communication. Today, when one talks about studying journalism, it not only deals with print and broadcast journalism, but exposes the student […]

Engineering as a Career Option

Engineering and technology may not be a piece of cake for all during the course of study, but it surely is a walk on the beach at the time of employment, as engineers are always in demand and they often stand out from the crowd. The best part about engineering is that it not only […]

Why one choose Medicine as a Career

Medicine, although a longer and harder field of study, has it’s own pros. If you’re already studying medicine or just planning to do so, you need not have to immediately think over your field of specialization. You have 5 yrs to decide what exactly you are interested in. However, it is essential to analyze if […]