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Tricks to Ace Interviews | Best Interview Cracking Strategy

Do you know Tricks to Ace  Interviews and get your dream job offer ? Job interviews are a necessary evil in life. Whether it’s a physical or phone interview, it can be a nerve-wracking experience for candidates as they search for the perfect responses. There are plenty of ways to prepare for it: from asking […]

Software Developer Jobs Interview Best Preparation Strategy

Software Developer Jobs are in very much demand as they offer opportunities for high pay package with top MNCs in metro cities. Though, with the right preparation and mindset, an interview can actually be something you look forward to as a chance to show your stuff and exhibit your best skills. Giving interviews is very […]

How to crack Psychometric Test Strategy for Best Result

How to crack Psychometric Test for job selection or admission into college.  To measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality, psychometric tests are conducted. A recruiter or an employer would want to make sure that the candidate he is hiring for the job, possess all the skills and qualities that the respective designation would require. […]

Interview Strategy: How to be Confident in Interviews

Interview Strategy is the guideline to ace any Interview. A job search can be a stressful time in a person’s life, and staying positive and motivated can make a world of difference for how a candidate is viewed through the eyes of the interviewer. Interview nerves are a good thing. They show you care about […]

Dressing Sense for Interview Best way to Impress Interviewer

One must know best Dressing Sense for Interview. A job interview is the most important phase of a job seeking process. The impression you cast during the job interview decides your fate. People who make a good first impression get easily hired into the top firms and organizations. Before you say a single word to […]

What is your long-Term Goal – Best Answer for Interview

What is your long-Term Goal – This is a question which might force you to share your future career plans with interview panel. An interviewer during a job interview might ask you the question, “What are your long-term career goals?”An employer will ask you this type of question for a number of reasons. He or […]

Why Low CGPA – Best Answer for Interview

Why Low CGPA ? Have you faced this difficult question even if you have scored 70% marks. This Interview Question is an essential question if you have scored low cgpa or marks any time in your academic life. It’s certainly important to be honest about your scores, but remember that while you may have to […]

Job Title or Salary : Which one to choose ?

Job Title or Salary : Which one to choose ? This question always creates confusion among freshers as they are not so much informed about the choices available and always go for big handsome salary or some fancy high profile designation while joining a company. Bigger companies often have salary ranges written in stone. And […]

Conversation during Interview How to Lead for Best Results

Conversation during Interview is like a window which offers glimpse of both party candidate as well as interviewer. But since it is the candidate, whose stakes are high, needs to lead the conversation during interview in such a direction which can ultimately give results in his/her favour Even the most extroverted among us know that […]

Amazon Leadership Principles Learn to Crack Amazon Job Interview

Amazon Leadership Principles are the foundation of human resources at this multi billion dollar Tech company. These principles one should must learn in order to grab a high paying job with Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon is known to have a very distinct management style. He has beliefs and specific methodology […]