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IIM Placement Salary with Company wise Full Details

IIM Placement Salary always draws attention not only in MBA aspirants community but in peers and family friends group also. It is a known fact that placement package offered to individual is personal information, but it is this news which becomes headlines always. One of the old IIM student who has graduated this year, shared […]

Top Courses After 12 with Good Salary and bright future

Top Courses After 12 everyone wants to know just after finishing 12th board exams whether student or parent. Gone are those days where the word successful was highly linked with being a doctor or an engineer.Do what makes you happy, because that is the only best way to spend your life and that too with […]

Infosys Interview Experience Campus Placement Success Story

Infosys Interview Experience with cracking tips and interview winning strategy for coming campus placement interviews. Campus Placement Interview is one of the strong memory which last forever.  Gurpriya Sahni shared her success story and winning interview tips which helped her crack Infosys Interview during campus placement. I had an amazing experience in Infosys. The experience […]

Career in Robotics Highly In demand Opportunity

Robotics, one of the highly buzzword especially in tech world. How will it impact career opportunity in coming days as every one is ? We are living in an era of capitalisation, we are riding on the digital wave,and undoubtedly, robotic automation is a significant part of this digital wave. Where machines are replacing every […]

SEBI Grade A Interview Experience with Rajendran AIR 1 in 2018-19 Results

SEBI Grade A Interview is the last obstacle between a candidate and highly reputed government job SEBI Grade A Officer. Cracking SEBI Grade A Interview is a tough task itself but securing AIR 1 in final results is a remarkable feat in itself. Rajendran Sundar Raj, who topped the final merit list and secured All India […]

Summer Placement IIM Interview Experience by Vaishnavi Deshpande

Summer Placement IIM Interview is always tough task as the Interviewers always expect more from IIM students and their expectations make students nervous and anxious for best interview performance. In Ms. Vaishnavi Deshpande words Company Name : DCM Shriram Ltd.  Reason of Interview: Summer Internship  3 Questions asked during this Interview : Why did you decide […]

Increasing Fees of MBA Colleges Really Worth it

Increasing Fees of MBA Colleges in our country has become a burden itself rather than an asset as unemployment is also looming with fluctuating economy. Many IIMs and other Top B-Schools are increasing fees but is increment justified ? First, let’s do a comparative study of the fees (in INR) of MBA from any reputed […]

IIM Final Placements 2019 with Company, Job Offers, Salary Details

IIM Final Placements 2019 drew attention not only from MBA aspirants but society also as a good placement report reflects good economy conditions of country. What fascinates you to pursue MBA from IIMs? Wait! I know the answers– astonishing placements. What is unique in IIMs? Apart from the diverse demographic of the students at IIMs, […]

Jobs after MBA Top 10 High Paying Jobs You Must Know

Top 10 High Paying Jobs after MBA You Must Know in order to get best ROI for your MBA tuition fee and a great career start for a bright future. MBA, Master of Business Administration, is a highly esteemed degree designed to develop the skills vital for careers in business and management. Attaining an MBA teaches a […]

Machine Learning Essay with Pros and Cons Analysis

Machine Learning Essay is one of the most favourite topic for discussion and everyone is interested to know more about this highly buzz tech word and most of the selection committee expects from engineers to educate them about Machine Learning  if given a chance. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a data-driven field of study […]