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Conversation during Interview How to Lead for Best Results

Conversation during Interview is like a window which offers glimpse of both party candidate as well as interviewer. But since it is the candidate, whose stakes are high, needs to lead the conversation during interview in such a direction which can ultimately give results in his/her favour Even the most extroverted among us know that […]

Product Manager Jobs Interview Questions | Top 50 to Prepare

Product Manager Jobs are very much in demand in this Internet and ECommerce era. A product manager has to be resilient, strategic and insightful. Which means the hiring company will ask a multitude of questions to figure out if you are the one. They want a person who is motivated to do the job, can […]

What is form 16 ? In Depth Analysis | Read and Learn

What is form 16 – This is a very basic question if you are a working professional. For a salaried employee, Form 16 is of utmost importance from income-tax point of view as it forms the base of their income-tax return. Income Tax Form 16 is a certificate from your employer. It certifies that TDS […]

Women Empowerment Essay : Myth Vs Reality in India

Women Empowerment Essay is now a days hot topic and very much in demand for any selection process. Women Empowerment elaborates that Social Rights, Political Rights, Economic stability, judicial strength and all other rights should be also equal to women. There should be no discrimination between men and woman. Many evil and masculine forces still […]

IIM Final Placements 2018 Report with Company Details

IIM Final Placements always draw attention in the society. Everyone wants to know about salary offered and companies visiting campuses for final placements at IIMs. According to IIM final placement report 2018, this year’s placement saw an increase in the number of offers made by major management consulting and financial firms as compared to last […]

Nirav Modi Scam WAT Essay GD Topic Analysis

Nirav Modi Scam is one of the biggest in recent times in Banking sector and it reflects how Indian banks are still vulnerable when it deals with Corporate loans and celebrities industrialists. The current news cycle is dominated by the Punjab National’s Bank’s announcement last week that fraud transactions worth Rs 11,400 crore were committed […]

Tier 1 MBA Colleges in India with Best Placement and Pay Package

Tier 1 MBA Colleges in India attract thousands of MBA aspirants for their career progression every year with a promise of great learning opportunity and best job prospects offered by MNC Corporate. MBAs have been a popular career choice for many professionals across the world. This is due to the wide ranging application of the […]

New IIMs Interview Experience on Feb 12, 2018

New IIMs Interview Experience shared by candidates who have recently appeared in Interviews for securing a PGP seat at coveted institutes IIMs Abhishek Tawania, Associate at JPMorgan Chase (2015-present)  Profile 99.82 in CAT 10/12/Grad – 88/89/86 Work Experience – 2.5yrs IIM CAP Process 12 Feb 2018 Location Mumbai Slot – 8:30am WAT topic – Time […]

Amazon Leadership Principles Learn to Crack Amazon Job Interview

Amazon Leadership Principles are the foundation of human resources at this multi billion dollar Tech company. These principles one should must learn in order to grab a high paying job with Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon is known to have a very distinct management style. He has beliefs and specific methodology […]

IIM Indore Campus Life Shared by NADHA K NEELAMBRA

IIM Indore Campus Life; one of the most sought among IIM aspirants. Life in IIM Indore will be everything you expect out of college life and then some. There is something for everyone here, from the sports enthusiasts, to the adventure lovers, nature geeks and everyone in between. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, but that’s […]