Amazon Interview questions

Amazon Interview questions one must know and prepare in order to secure a dream job with Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce player all over the world. Amazon ( is an US based company, founded by Jeff Bezos in July 5, 1994, does business in online electronic commerce and cloud computing. Amazon has been ranked in” Top companies to work with” year on year and people love to work with Amazon. In last couple of years Indian graduates have been targeting to land a job offer with Amazon.

If you are looking to work with Amazon and preparing for Interviews with Amazon, please take note of the following most frequently asked questions during Amazon recruitment job interviews. Prepare and Practice these questions and get ready for the D-Day.

  1. What can you tell us about E-Commerce?
  2. Name 5 competitors that you believe are our competitors.
  3. Why Amazon? / Why do you choose to work in Amazon?
  4. Explain your strengths in terms of this job profile.
  5. Do have any work experience with a similar job profile?
  6. If hired, what do you believe would be your role and responsibility at Amazon?
  7. Are you open to leadership roles?
  8. Who is the CEO of Amazon?
  9. If hired, as a working professional for Amazon, what are the ideas that you would bring up to set Amazon apart from the other brands?
  10. On a personal level, do you purchase products online or from a shop?
  11. Why do you shop online/ or otherwise?
  12. Have you purchased any product from
  13. Do you prefer COD or online payment?
  14. Justify why you prefer COD/ online payment?
  15. Do you believe that COD can be done away with in the future considering the increasing facilities of using plastic money?
  16. What is the highest purchased category of products purchased on Amazon?
  17. Given an opportunity to redesign the website, what changes would you implement in bringing about the same?
  18. Name one product that Amazon has featured.
  19. What is the price of the paperback kindle?
  20. How would you design a secure system for online payment at Amazon?
  21. What is Amazon EC2?
  22. What is AWS Lamda?
  23. What is AWS Migration service?
  24. In what service does AWS work?
  25. How would you introduce AWS in an elevator pitch?
  26. Who do you think are our most frequent buyers and clients?
  27. Write the code for infix to postfix conversion?
  28. Identify the mistakes in the following codes. (for software engineers)
  29. Debug the following programs.

30.Briefly explain the BST algorithm.

  1. Write a bubble sort algorithm and solve 5 7 1 4 6 10
  2. Find power (x,y) without the use of the pow function.
  3. Build a binary tree using preorder and inorder.
  4. Explain the functioning of any 3 data structures.
  5. What is optimal stopping theory?
  6. Find the longest palindromic substring from the given string.
  7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  8. Name 3 factors that make you nervous.
  9. If you were in a foul mood on a day at work, what would you do to not let it affect your productivity?
  10. If you came across your colleagues engaging in idle gossip, what would be your reaction?
  11. If you suggest a certain idea to be implemented to your team, but your leader isn’t convinced, how would you persuade your team and your leader to execute and consider your idea?
  12. What are the strategies through which you would instil work ethic in your team?
  13. Speaking of you as a professional, how would you handle a customer complaint?
  14. What is the worst mistake that you have committed at your work place?
  15. If you are witness to work place harassment, what would you do?
  16. What is the function of the HR?
  17. If there is a conflict that arises between your team mates, how would you handle it?
  18. How will you ensure time management considering the work load?
  19. If you are shifted to a different team, on a different project, will you face difficulties while adapting to a new work format and working with a new team?
  20. If your colleague is depressed and demotivated, what action would you take?

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