Why Should We Select You

Why Should We Select You One of the harsh Interview question you have to face during interview or in other words you need to convince your value addition in order to get selected.

So how to pitch yourself to convince your Interviewers for your selection

Given my profile and work experience, I think I am a good fit for MBA.

  • I have consistent academic results apart from feats achieved in extracurricular activities. This shows that I will be able to perform well in the academics and will be able to cope up with the b school pressure as well. I have good people management skills as evident from the various activities that I have organized in my under graduate college. This shows that I will be a good manager.


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  • I have 3 years of work experience in an organization and hence I know what it takes to stay ahead of the competitors and to run a business. I will be able to apply this knowledge in the course and will help me relate with the learning here. My growth as an individual and the steep learning curve that I have attended makes me a good fit for this course.
  • As a student and a future alumnus of this institution, I will be able to add value to the institution profile. My life objectives and principles are in line with the institution vision and mission. I will be active in class room discussions and can help arranging various flagship programs of the institute given I have previous experience in arranging events. I have similar interests as of the clubs and committees of this institute and I think I will be able to add value to those.
  • MBA is all about peer to peer learning. I have experience in working in the industry (previous work experience) as well as managing grass root level people (organizing events) and working for NGOs. This has given me a wide perspective which I can share with my peers in class. I know how to manage finances as well as know how to manage logistics and motivate team mates. All these I can use during the group projects and presentations and help my peers.

Hence I think I am a good fit for this course and the institution.

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