FORE Interview Experience

FORE Interview Experience for MBA Admission 2019-21 season shared by Manika final year Commerce student who appeared for Interview at New Delhi

3 Panelist- (a)1 psychologist, (b)1 faculty and (c)1 industry expert.
As soon as rang the bell, I knocked on the door and asked ‘May I come in?’, they said ‘Sure’. Then I wished them good evening and asked ‘May I have a seat?’. They said, sure, make yourself comfortable, if you want, you can even sit on the sofa to feel comfortable. I smiled and said that no ma’am I am comfortable here.
Q1. So, Manika tell us two qualities that define you? (b)
Ans- First would be ‘Empathetic’
Because I have always been that one person in my social circle, my group to who everyone comes to share what is going on in their mind, to share their problems because they feel that I would understand them and this is their general consensus about me that I am empathetic.
Next, I am good time manager.
I have managed three jobs along with my post graduation and I also stood as the higher scorer in my masters.
(They went like, ohhh, so you are doing masters also, which field? I said M.Com and along with that you had pursued jobs, oh, wow, nice. They seemed visibly impressed at this one.)
Q2. So, why do you want to do double masters? (b)
Ans- Ma’am because, what ever I have studied until now has been very theoretical in nature. With MBA I want to understand the practical side of everything as well.
Q3. But you have also done 3 jobs, there you must have also gained some practical experience, there you didn’t require to apply any management skills? (b)
Ans- Yes true ma’am, working did give me some experience and yeah, at some levels I did have a manage a couple of things.
I was cut in between and asked- Q4. So what were your job roles in different organisations? (b)
Ans- Ma’am in Times Of India, I was freelancing for them.
Then, I worked a content writer for the Newsbytes App and finally I joined a coaching institute to teach english to students preparing for various competitive exams.
Cross questioned- Q5. So you worked as a reporter at the times of india? (b)
Ans- Yes ma’am, I did work as a reporter as well as a writer, first I used to go and visit and event and report it and then write a piece on it as well.
Q6. You were in such a good space, you were writing for such a big newspaper, for a brand name, print media is a such a hit, I don’t think so you did the right thing by leaving that kind of job and then going and joining something else….
(She was saying something long, on and on, I did not cut her in between and listened to her, just nodded my head. I thought  that cutting her in between would show that I am not a good listener and can actually refute my claim of saying that I am an empathetic listener.)
Then she got cut by another panelist.
Q7. So, Manika, tell us, among the three which job was the most challenging? (c)
Ans- Ma’am the coaching class one. Because there children used to come to me all the times with their various personal problems related to peer pressure, relationships, family, etc and given that I too am a student and I too am facing those problems, makes it a little difficult.
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Cross Questioned- Q8. Given that you are facing similar problems should have made it easier for you to solve them, don’t you think? (c)
Ans- Yes, ma’am. So, what I used to do was to listen them patiently as to what they are saying. I really believe that listening really solves 50-40 percent of a problem. So, this is what I used to do, I would listen to them, understand them and give the best possible advice which I could give, But given that I don’t have that kind of life experience or that age to give life advice to children made it a little challenging.
Q9. Tell us about a company whose growth you have observed closely? (b)
Ans- Flipkart Ma’am.
Flipkart, initially started by just selling books on their platform. Then later on, it diversified into other products and then finally recently got acquired by the giant Walmart and earned millions.
Q.10 What is the business model of Flipkart? (b)
Ans. It is an E-commerce platform and what really intrigued me about Flipkart is that it started the concept of e-commerce in India. When it started, I was in school…
Got cut again.
What is the business model?
Ans- It is a E-commerce platform. It sells products from various sellers to it’s customers. Now, according to the recent E-commerce reforms they would be running into losses because the new e-commerce reforms include that e-commerce sites can no longer make sales through their own companies and also the second major reform is that the companies can no longer sell products exclusively on their sites like #OnlyOnFlipkart.
Q 11. Do you know who is the owner of Flipkart? (b)
Ans- Earlier, it was Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal but now Walmart has acquired it so, Walmart.
Q.12. Do you know how Flipkart does warehousing? (b)
Ans- Ma’am earlier all these E-commerce giants- Amazon and Flipkart used to have stakes in a company through which they maintained inventory.
Like for Amazon it was Cloudtail India, I can’t recollect Flipkart’s warehousing name right now. But yes, they own a part of such companies and through these companies they did warehousing, they maintained various quality checks through these companies and also ensure to maintain the demand and supply.
But, with recent e-commerce reforms by the govt. which says that e-commerce sites can no longer sell through sellers in which they hold stakes. So now, the warehouseing structure has changed and because of this reform Walmart is going to face huge losses.
(They all nodded in agreement)
Q13. (b) interviewer gave me a word ‘TAPES’ and asked me to make as many words as I can using all the letters in a min.
Ans- I thought hard for a minute and couldn’t come up with a word using all the letters but I made four words using four letters instead of all five. She said okay but the challenge was to use all the letters.
Q14. So, Manika, you are already in such a good space, you have been writing for top brands like the Times of India the why do you want to switch? Why do you want to pursue MBA? (b)
Ans- Ma’am whatever I have pursued until now, all the jobs that I have done in writing and english were out of my passion…well not passion…but yeah interest in writing. I have pursued writing as an extra curricular interest.
Q15. I am not fully convinced, why are you switching from writing, I am not getting it. (b)
Ans. Ma’am you are not understanding the difference, I have pursued writing as an extra-curricular interest and as a hobby, that is not something that I pursued as a curricular interest. I have done my M.Com by specializing in Business Administration because that is what I want to pursue academically. Therefore the next step in my curricular aim to have an MBA.
Q.16 So, now that you have already done your M.Com, why do you want to go into MBA, what good will it do? (b)
Ans. Ma’am like I said earlier, what I have studied until now has been very theoretical in nature and now I am interested in the understanding the practical aspect.
Also, I really think that MBA is such a versatile course, it accepts people from all backgrounds without having a bias for any background. Being the field of commerce, I could only meet people who are from commerce but here I would get to meet people from engineering background, biology background and so many other fields. And I think that would give me a lot of exposure, I would be facing so many new challenges when I do an MBA and that would really give a boost to my personality.
Then they asked me to take a chit out of the bowl for extempore and gave me 30 secs to think and one min to speak.
TOPIC- Higher Education in India
I asked them do I have to stand up for speaking, they said that I can sit and speak.
I spoke- According to a new bill by the govt. the current UGC is going to be replaced by the Higher Education Council in India and I hope that changes the current scenario of Higher Education in India because currently India is producing so many half-baked graduates because of various universities that are functioning without any or proper accreditation. This is very scary this time especially given the current unemployment rates in India which are going very high. In order to combat this govt. should not allow universities without proper accreditation to function. (Time’s up)
Q17. Do you have questions for us?
Ans- Yeah, actually I wanted to know about dual specialization in FORE. FORE offers an option of dual specialization, so I wanted to know that which is better single specialization or dual specialization?
They said- In FORE it is compulsory to opt for dual specialization.
I said on FORE’s site it was written that we can pursue at most 2 specializations, so I thought that maybe there is an option for pursuing dual specialization.
Q18. Why are you obsessing so much about single specialization? (a)
Ans- Ma’am I am not obsessing about single specialization, I just wanted to know your opinion as industry experts as to which is better dual or single specializations.
She said- obviously dual specialization is better than single specialization.
I said yeah, it would add diversity too.
She said right.
Then I said thank you, good evening once again, have a great day.
(And for some reason, I became really enthusiastic in the end and bid all this very enthusiastically.)
(All the candidates before me had given me very bad reviews about the panel that the panel was a lot grilling and very bad but I did not find my interview to be grilling, in fact I enjoyed answering them and after the interview ended I was very enthusiastic. I don’t know why I am feeling that way, I feel as if it was only me who felt that I wasn’t being grilled. )
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