IIM Final Placements 2019

IIM Final Placements 2019 drew attention not only from MBA aspirants but society also as a good placement report reflects good economy conditions of country.

What fascinates you to pursue MBA from IIMs?

Wait! I know the answers– astonishing placements.

What is unique in IIMs? Apart from the diverse demographic of the students at IIMs, there is an air of trusted calibre. Every year tireless efforts of the students and the institution get an overwhelming response.IIMs heirloom is growing by leaps and bounds,and besides that, it’s inculcating India with the knowledge and hence, persistent growth.

Every year, IIMs intake students with the ability to take on challenges in business, so that they can become competent managers by the end of the two-year course. And the most significant role in this journey is of final placements, that decide which company will introduce you as a manager to the business world.

For more details, let’s have a cursory glance at the final placement report of the IIMs:

IIM Ahmedabad placement 2019 took place in the three clusters, where 1st and 2nd  were held on February 8 and 11, 2019 followed by final third cluster on February 14.

1st cluster included Accenture Strategy, A. T. Kearney, Avendus, Bain & Co., Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, McKinsey & Company, Monitor Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, Boston Consulting Group among others. 2nd cluster comprised six cohorts: Consumer Electronics, General Management and Leadership, Advertising& Media, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Retail B2B & B2C.3rd cluster had 12 cohorts: Enterprise Tech, Food & Dairy, Govt. Enterprises, Consumer Tech, Core Manufacturing & Infrastructure, Education &Tech,Renewable Energy &GreenTech, Social Enterprises & NGO, IT Consulting, Pharma & Healthcare, and Textiles. Accenture, BCG, Flipkart were the largest recruiters. IIM Ahmedabad wrapped up its final placement with 139 companies which provided 184 different roles.


In IIM Bangalore,411 students successfully got placed with 488 offers. Out of which 20 offers were made in the technology consulting domain, and 54 in the finance domain. Among global banks, the maximum of offer was made by Goldman Sachs.

In IIM Calcutta, a batch of 441 participating students was placed in just one day with 501 offers.Average Salary of has gone up to Rs. 25.36 lakhs. Consulting domain has again claimed the highest share in recruitment with 29% placement followed by Finance with 21% share.

IIM Lucknow Placement process was concluded in 3 days where 147 Recruiters hired 460 students. Top Recruiters being Amazon, Accenture, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Flipkart.

The largest ever batch of 607 students in IIM Indore got placed with an increase in the highest package to Rs.89.25. Also,the average package went up at Rs.20.79 LPA. Though 200 recruiters were there, Consulting, Finance recruited 53% of the batch

Cent percent placements was achieved in IIM Kozhikode with 107 firms who made 390 offers. Out of these 107, 21 were new brands. There was an increase of 16% in the average salary, that’s a significant number.

Ten recruiters hired a significant chunk of 110 students in IIM Rohtak.And the average salary had gone up to Rs.11.85 LPA this year from Rs.11.70 LPA last year.

This piece of information is a Guest article, shared by Ms. Gurpriya Sahni from IIM Rohtak

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