Nepotism Essay

Nepotism Essay is one of the popular and trendy topic this season as this title is being coined by our Top Bollywood actress Ms Kangana Ranaut many times and even our own prime minister who never forgets to talk about Naamdaar. Whether it is Bollywood or Politics or even business houses, there is not a single field where Nepotism is not being talked about.

Let us analyse Nepotism Essay as per Bollywood, Politics and Business perspective and try to understand whether it is a  Healthy or Sleazy Trend.

Here both the evangelists and the luddites will have a say. The flag bearers will always make an attempt to project the nepotism in a positive way whereas self-made artist, politicians, businessmen will always see this biased reality through a negative lens.

In this era it’s not even an aberration, it’s just a part and parcel of every process!

Let’s start with Bollywood:

Star-kids are given first and foremost chance to become stars and this is the kind of ritual that is conned from decades. For the struggling actors, there are always visible lines drawn between them and star-kids. Despite this unspoken bond of blood prevailing in the Bollywood, the biggest stars in any generationwere outsiders. Some of the famous  artists of our generation such as Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sushant Singh Rajput, KanganaRanaut ,etc outperformed the star-kids with their talent and luck, and made it to the Bollywood. But only some exemplary people among millions,who travel to Mumbai in the lure of stardom, achieve their dreams. Nepotism cripples the rest as star-kids are always preferred to them. So it’s not only the talent but also the luck with which you can manage to break through the nepotism industry. Oh, I meant  Bollywood industry- playing safe!


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Now let’s jump to the other stagnant field- Politics for Nepotism Essay :

No matter if you are talented, qualified and skilled candidate for a position desired by an unqualified kid but of a politician, of course related to the ruling party, you will be simply kicked out of the process. Politicsis a game of nepotism. We have the Gandhis, the Paswans,the Yadavs,  the Abdullahs in the north and down souththe Karunanidhi and the Reddy family. And for our outrage, sometimes a person with insufficient language skills lands a posh position because he/she is associated to the ruling party. Come on, it’s a minimal criterion and just because of the association with the politician, a person need not suffice even that. Am I serious? A disheartened yes!

I think there’s a belief behind all these favours that might be by this, they will not betray the sanctity of the clan or air their dirty laundry outside the house. But by doing so, i.e., by dragging nepotism into the picture, they are defying their belief. And this is the real cause of corruption and oppression in our country. Nepotism just ruins the ebullient way of leading a political career.

The last section of our discussion is Business world for Nepotism Essay :

It was reported that 15 of the top 20 business groups in India who collectively manage over ₹26 lakh crores of assets are family-owned . They might have this perspective that keeping money within the family is the most appropriate way to protect assets, keep a check on the next generation and connect the family together. But the fact is that financial success and greed always take precedence over love and bonds. So, as not everyone is born with the silver spoon, the hard-working, deserving but no-legacy individual should also be given a fair chance and position in the business world.

Nepotism- a plight that’s so deeply ingrained in our country should be blotted out to ensure just processes in each and every field. Nepotism is indeed a sleazy trend that favours some and infuriates the rest.

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