Glass Ceiling Essay

Glass Ceiling Essay is one of the most popular topic as this is one of the critical issue in government as well as Corporate houses locally and globally.

Though Sheryl Sandberg,Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, once said, “We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored” , corporate culture and societal norms often fail to support her this saying.

Women still face it difficult to climb a professional ladder and secure the right place, as per the capability, in the corporate world. It is not because they are judged on the parameters like qualification, skills, and achievements but because they are women and perceived as a community more with emotion than logic, with lesser physical strength, and with poor judgement as a part of their naive nature.

Yes, I am talking about the Glass Ceiling for Women in Corp-orates.”

I will not second-guess my statement while saying that women are still considered to be the “inferior gender”. Their capabilities are all overshadowed, and their progress level is stale and pale when top echelons are male, with a pre-conceived notion of a woman being an inferior gender. Despite the enormous pressure exerted on working women as they have to cope up with virtually two full-time jobs – one at the office and the other at home, they enjoy the camaraderie of professional life and financial independence.

The “glass ceiling in Corp-orates”is the invisible barrier to the advancement of women. In spite of these myriad challenges and struggles, women’s diligent efforts have shown astonishing results. To state the least: In July 2014, Fortune Magazine reported that there were 51 female CEOs in charge of Fortune 1000 companies. Though this number is meagre for the corporate world that brags about its fair and just work environment for both women and men, it’s an inescapable fact that this number is going to rise. There will be a day when this concept of the glass ceiling will be anarchic one.


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Unlike the earlier times, when the women had to face a lot of criticism for pursuing her will to work, the scenario has changed from decades of legislative changes, training, and social support. In some fields, women have broken all the informal barriers and have set examples for the whole world that the women are no lesser than the men. The most inspiring news nowadays that’s in the highlights: “Two U.S. astronauts will make the first all-female spacewalk in history on March 29, if all goes to plan”. This day will be a historic day not only for NASA but also for women.

In every field, women have the power to do wonders. Not letting them contribute to the GDP is the drag on the economy. There is a need to get past the glass ceiling and push the women’s performance to the next level. There is definitely room for more women in leading positions in companies of all sizes.

What we need to do is identify the blind spots, work on overcoming them so that we can use the untapped potential of the so-called inferior gender – woman.

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