MICA Interview

What is the MICA Interview  Preparation strategy for guaranteed results every  aspirant wants to know after receiving PI Calls for admission at one of top MBA College.

 Interview Preparation is the need of hour if you are seriously looking to crack second round of admission selection process and convert your Interview Call into Final   Admission offer letter instead of wondering about How to Crack MICA Interview.

Congratulations, you have received an interview Call with one of your dream B-School MICA. You have prepared enough with your Academic concepts, Job Profile, current affairs and so on. But still you are confused, even a little bit worried about your performance on D-Day. As you have earned an Interview opportunity for getting Admission into MICA  , One of  best B-School of India after so much hard work, time and dedicated efforts towards this single goal. But MICA Interview is not just any conversation – the stakes are high, the Interviewers will be probing you, so feeling nervous is obvious.

Team PInterview has designed a special Online Course keeping MICA Interview demands especially for MICA aspirants who have received  Admission Interview Calls this season.

MICA Interview  Preparation Program Description

Take online mock interviews, Prepare & practice your answers and get expert guidance to refine your interview skills before the actual interview. Key features of the course:

  • Take mock interviews ONLINE with MBA Experts no matter where you are – all you need is a computer with a broadband internet connection.
  • Each interview is customized to test your soft skills and subject knowledge
  • The entire course is conducted 1:1 with the Online Interviewer and every mock interview session will be conducted 1 to 1 online
  • After each Mock Interview you will get feedback/Tips/Suggestions to crack Interviews
  • Online access to  Your Mock Interview Performance report
  • All types of most important common questions are covered
  • 1 Hour of each session to prepare and improve Interview skills with MBA Experts
  • Overall Interview Preparation covering all types of Interviews and probable questions

OUTCOMES OF THE MICA Interview Process Preparation COURSE:

  Readiness before actual  Interview

 Improved  skills with boosted Confidence

 Enhanced knowledge of Use of Theoretical/ Industrial Concepts for MBA Interviews and latest  questions from best MBA Professionals from across the Top B-Schools

 Well practiced and rehearsed with best possible  questions and answers

 Ready for long stressed Interview with MBA Experts with prepared mind & body language

 Good  Impression upon Interviewers and better Interview performance leading to best results



Prepare for Interview with Domain and Interview Experts Online: You are a student staying at  hostel or a working professional with no time on week days for interview preparation; you can still prepare and practice for Interviews with our Experts online any time any day via video calling.

Feedback/Interview Tips: Get Expert feedback on your mock interview performance and improve before D-Day to crack the real interviews with Confidence. Also Experts will share Interview cracking Tips and strategies with candidates.

Audio/Video Recording: Get audio/video recording of the mock interview session and watch how you answer the interview questions, how you react, perform and what is about your body language and work on these areas for better performance during interviews.

Performance chart: Improve your performance with performance chart created for you by your interviewer’s ratings on different parameters after each mock interview session.

So Are you Ready to Crack your MICA Interview Process  for MBA Admission

Then Prepare for MICA Interview with MICA Alumni and other MBA Experts Online

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