Welingkar Interview Experience

Welingkar Interview Experience is one of the memorable event Neha still can’t forget. Neha shared her MBA Admission interview experience at Welingkar with Team PInterview

Share at least 3 Questions asked during this Interview with your answers based on Welingkar Interview Experience  

1) What matters more to you – a result oriented approach or a process oriented approach ?

 Process oriented approach matters the most. Result oriented approach might focus only on the End results but a process oriented approach will focus in the entire roadmap. A well thought off process oriented approach will also take care of end results. It will also take care of ethics and not the madness of doing anything to get the result.

2) What 3 things would you like to changes in your life if given power to do so?

2) (a) Reformations in education – because our current education system is not able to match up with the pace of world and also a country progress when its population is well educated so more emphasis on education. (b) Technologies in agriculture – looking at the plight of the farmers in our country and the fact that we are depended on them, technological reforms are needed in agriculture. (c) Encouraging entrepreneurship – Since we want more employers.

3) Hypothetical – If you see 2 different railway track routes, one has one kid and other had a group of kids, and a train is approaching, where will you direct the train?

I will direct it to the route where there are group of kids, because on route of single kid he might fail to see train and get killed. But if directed to the routes with many kids, at least one of them will see the train approaching and alert other kids.

What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview from Welingkar Interview Experience  ?

Knowledge of current happenings in that field, new ventures of the company for which interview is been conducted. Curiosity to learn and contribute. Try to prove that you will turn out to be an asset and not a liability for the company. Dress up properly and body language and sitting postures should not show nervousness. Check your Resume thoroughly and avoid spelling mistakes (Its very embarrassing). Frame your own statements and don’t copy resume from others. Last but not the least –  confidence.

How should a person prepare for the Interviews based on Welingkar Interview Experience ?

First and foremost , see the profile for which the interview is been conducted. The sector in which the company deals and the knowledge related to that field. Next would be the knowledge of area required by the company. Never go blank and try to answer. Most of the interviewers test approach or logic and not the final answer. If you feel that you are not sure you are free to mention that but do not try to fool the interviewers. You can start with “I feel this can be the reason..Though i am not sure”. The person can prepare for one question he/she would like to ask at the end of the interview and that question should show your eagerness to join that company. Tell me something about yourself and your strength and weakness are most commonly asked questions. Be thoroughly prepared for it. If Interviewers have already refereed your Resume, they may want to know some thing about you beyond your resume. Po-tray your weakness in such a way that it does not negate the requirement of the Job profile. For eg: If the role is of Manufacturing Supervisor on shop floor, and the person mentions that he/she is hot tempered, then its unlikely that they will select such a candidate since they need calm and adjusting people. Rather you can say that you are hot tempered but you calm down the situation soon. This would turn your weakness into strength


Do you think Interview preparation matters after Welingkar Interview Experience  ?

Yes. It shows how serious you are to get into the organisation.

What Interviewers look for in a Candidate ?

Goodness of fit for the position for which the interview is been conducted, quest of learning, accepting stretch assignments and challenges, How a candidate leverages on its knowledge to resolve the identified issue.

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks
Confidence 100
Communication Skills 90
Body Language 85
Attitude 98
Subject Knowledge 80


Hope you will learn interview cracking skills after reading this Welingkar Interview Experience

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