K.J. Somaiya

K.J. Somaiya, one of the top B-School of India attracts many MBA aspirants every year but one needs to crack interview before getting into this Premier MBA institute.

Mr SHUBHAM GOYAL shared his MBA Admission Interview experience at K.J. Somaiya with Team PInterview

Share at least 3 Questions asked during this Interview with your answers

1) As you want to make your career in finance, then why don’t you choose CA, CS or CFA as a career path ?

I want to learn managerial skills and make more networks. I am not a  person who can learn only from books, I like to interact and learn.

(2) Try to gain our (Two Interviewers doing some other work) attention with your introduction,

I started taking the names of the interviewer and they immediately looked at me and then I continued my introduction.

(3) Sell yourself

For selling part, I told them all my strengths including good communication skills, my patience level along with real life examples

What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview ?

The most important thing is to have a learning attitude and then good communication skills

How should a person prepare for the Interviews ?

For MBA admission interview, the candidate should have clarity in mind for his/her long term goals and choosing MBA as a field and have some knowledge about the college

Do you think Interview preparation matters ?

It matters a lot as it helps to tackle the expected questions


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What Interviewers look for in a Candidate ?

The interviewer looks confidence level, clarity in thoughts, priority is givrn to learning attitude over knowledge

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks
Confidence 100
Communication Skills 100
Body Language 80
Attitude 100
Subject Knowledge 80

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