IIM Interview Experience

To even gain IIM Interview Experience ; you need to crack CAT with high percentiles and then receive IIM PI Calls.

Team PInterview got opportunity to interact with one of the IIM PI Call getter who also aced IIM Interview and currently pursuing MBA at one of the top B-Schools of India brand IIM

What was the most Difficult Question asked during IIM  Interview ?

Q: Why do you want to do MBA not Ex MBA after having a work exp of 5 years ?

Most of the Interviewers asked me this question as I was having a rich work ex and they were wondering for opting 2 year MBA program not 1 year Ex MBA.

After interacting with some IIM Alumni, I came to know that most of the  IIMs prefer fresh graduates or working professionals with a couple of years work exp as most of the recruiters during IIM campus placement hire these kind of candidates in bulk.

What was the most easy Question asked during IIM  Interview ?

Q: Tell me about Gautam Buddha and his philosophy?

As I belong to Bihar, after introducing myself, the first question was about Gautam Buddha.  This question I have faced many times during interviews and the answer comes naturally to me for obvious reasons.

What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview ?

Personally I think CONFIDENCE

If you are confident enough that means you can express yourself, your answers and your body language in best possible way and it will give best impression to the interview board.

How should a person prepare for the Interviews based on your IIM Interview Experience?

Preparation is the key factor behind every success. Even legends like Virat Kohli, Amitabh Bachhan, Messi do preparation before their real delivery.

Personally I have taken online mock interview sessions with PInterview and the entire team helped me a lot and I give them full credit for my IIM results. As I was a full time employee and working in last quarter of financial year which resulted working late nights and even on weekends. My busy schedule was so tight that I did not have enough time to devote myself for my IIM interview preparation. I requested to the Team PInterview and they arranged online mock interviews with Top IIM Alumni even in late evenings as late as 11 pm session of an hour. You can understand the passion behind those Top professionals who are willing to go extra miles to help candidates to crack interviews and get admission offer at any cost. I still remember during one IIM Mock Interview I was literally bombarded with Statistics and Probability questions by IIM C alumni and fortunately or unfortunately during one of  IIM Interview, I was asked questions on similar topics from IIM Professor who was taking same course on IIM campus. Honestly I think I improved my answers with the help of Team PInterview and Online mock interview sessions helped me to reduce IIM interview stress, gain confidence and learn to tackle interviewers smartly. Sitting through one hour of mock interview and answering on different issues for a long hour made 20-30 minutes of real interview just an easy walk for me. Also IIM Alumni are always in touch with their alma mater, professional network and conduct interviews for their company also, so these professionals are best experts for training candidates for upcoming interviews.


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Have you found any change in IIM Interviews based on IIM Interview Experience ?

In most of the interview panel, one member was college alumni and other member was one of the professors from same college. I personally think IIM Interviewers are now focusing on conversations to understand candidate’s thought process and evaluate the candidate based on his inputs during interviews. In 20-30 minutes of time window, they try to explore candidate’s knowledge on different domains whether academics or work exposure or his or her achievements; literally anything under sun. They expect a candidate must know and answer the issues he talks about in his SOP or in resume. Bluffing will not work as they are interviewing many candidates every year and they are smart enough to filter facts and false. Due to limited interview time slot, now a days interviewers are avoiding Standard MBA Interview questions and directly jumping upon questions from Work exp or latest news or even a general conversation. But that does not mean one can skip those standard MBA interview questions, but one needs to be fully prepared with each and every word he or she utters during interviews.

Do you think Interview preparation matters?

I did preparation for everything and to be frank in this tough competitive era, you have to give your best in each and every scenario; whether exam or interview. It gives a lot of pain if you lose at the last stage. Winner is winner and loser is loser even margin of one quarter marks can make you to wait for one more year to even fetch an IIM Interview call, isn’t it ?

What Interviewers look for in a Candidate based on IIM Interview Experience ?

Obviously Story telling skills; you are there to talk and how smartly you engage people is the mantra of success at the end of day.

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks ( out of 100 )
Confidence  20
Communication Skills  20
Body Language  20
Attitude  20
Subject Knowledge


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