SOP for MBA Admission

SOP for MBA Admission is one of the very crucial factor deciding one’s chances of admission at MBA Colleges as your SOP will give a glimpse of your life & activities to the admission selection board and this one needs special attention while drafting.  If you have received a WAT-GD-PI Call with one of your dream B-School, then your next phase of evaluation starts from your SOP which you need to write and submit for MBA admission to respective B-School. Your SOP can either make or break chances of getting admission into your dream B-School.

Your statement of purpose or SoP is almost certainly going to be the most important part of your application form. Many of the other applicants will have grades and other qualifications that are going to be very similar to your own so these are not enough to make yourself stand out from the others. Your statement, however, is your chance to make an impact and get yourself seen as the perfect candidate to award a place to. So you need to have a good write up which can reflect your achievements whether academics or professionals in an excellent way and fetch attention and top marks from the selection committee and also you can justify those statements during interviews in a very convincing manner to get high scores from the interview panel.

But writing a SoP of the standard that is expected is going to be very time consuming and difficult no matter how good a writer you may be. This is why Team PInterview with its network of experts has designed a unique program to help you prepare your best SOP with the help of IIM and Top MBA College alumni.

A SoP is written about you, it is a form of personal statement and needs to reflect your abilities and ambitions. Therefore it is not something that can be written in isolation, copied, or created by filling in blanks on a standard form. Our experts work with in direct communication with you  one on one to draw out all of the information that will be required for writing your SoP to prepare an outstanding SOP for you.

You must take SOP preparation help from experts


  • Your rivals are seeking help of professional agencies to craft compelling SOPs
  • Your inherent talent can go waste just because of poor alignment of words
  • You are brimming with emphatic ideas but struggling to give vent to the same
  • Your years of preparation is at stake and you can’t afford to take chances
  • You cannot commit the costly mistake of losing hard earned WAT-GD-PI Calls
  • The dream B-School PI Calls won’t come your way always
  • Although you may consider yourself perfect, there may be people superiorly skilled
  • Your prestige needs to be maintained in the community as a consistent achiever

You may be overly confident of your drafting skills. But, when you can seek the competent assistance of professional SOP writing help from experts, should you sacrifice a chance just to prove your command over language while writing SOP for MBA Admission? No. Such a risky venture is not recommended for anyone when so much is at stake. Life would give you many chances in future to prove your mettle but this GD-WAT-PI Call is like it’s now or never and you must have to submit an outstanding SOP for MBA Admission this time.

SOP Help Program (SOP for MBA Admission)

-. One round of brainstorming + drafting  (60 minutes )
-. One rounds of review + editing   (60 minutes  )
-. One round of final drafting. 
(60 minutes )

Total Time : 180 minutes for a SOP

Program Fee :  INR 1999/ Only

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