Data Science Career

Data Science Career is one of the most sought career option globally and demand of Data Scientists is more than supply as this is very new subject and experts are in very much demand by Internet companies.

Here are some of the companies that actively hire freshers for Data Science roles—

  • Mu Sigma
  • Karvy Analytics
  • Data Peace
  • Fractal Analytics
  • LogiNext
  • Haptik

Here you can build a Data Science career as a Data Scientist and get tremendous learning and growth opportunities. Plus the salary packages offered at these companies are quite lucrative too. Precisely the average salaries offered here is anywhere between 6–8 LPA at entry levels. However, while targeting a company to land a Data science job, you need to know exactly what skills and tools knowledge is required.

So what should you know to land a Data Science job?

Here are the major skills/tools you should know to start Data Science career as a Data Scientist—

  • Skills in statistics and advanced mathematics
  • R and Python programming— Among other programming languages, R and Python have the highest demand across the industry.
  • Predictive analysis
  • Machine learning algorithms— Linear regression, Logistic regression, kNN, CART, etc
  • Visualization tools— Tableau, Plotly, QlikView, etc
  • Model deployment
  • MongoDB

So are these skills enough to get a job in these companies?

Since I do not wish give you any false hopes let me tell you—the competition is extremely tough in the current job scenario. In fact data science being a role that involves a large set of skills that you would be required to put to use over huge amounts of data, you need to have great precision and logical reasoning. Of course, having data handling skills is a must! Therefore companies prefer to usually hire experienced professionals for data science job field.

In fact although this might sound stupid but even as a fresher you would be expected to have at least some sort of hands on experience with the technologies to make a Data Science career.

Ideally, I’d suggest you to work on projects. In fact pick as many projects as you can start working on them. This way, you would be able to build a strong portfolio for yourself that can help you exhibit your capabilities to the recruiter.

In fact, having a portfolio is extremely essential for a job like data science that involves an implementation of a large no. of skills/tools. In short, here is an approach that you should follow to get a data science job at one of such companies—

  1. Start with learning the essential skills & tools required for the job.
  2. Showcase your competency through a portfolio including a number of projects. You can find data science projects on platforms like KaggleDataCamp, etc
  3. Finally, you can start applying for job at online job portals like AngelList, Naukri. com, Intershala, etc

Now if you do not have the requisited skill set, you need to first learn it. For this, you can use online platforms like Coursera, UdemyUdacity, etc. Here you get certifications based on the course you take up. However frankly speaking, recruiters look for skills and projects rather than meagre certificates.

Apart from this, edWisor is a good option for you as it offers a career path in data science. Here you get to learn complete skills from scratch & also projects to work on. You can use these projects to build your portfolio. Plus, it offers job guarantee with its 250+ hiring partners that are companies like Karvy Analytics, Credihealth, Data Peace, etc hiring their data scientists from here. So you can give it a try.

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