Life of IIM Students

Life of IIM Students is one of the interesting topic among MBA aspirants as every B-School aspirant wants to live a life as a students at one of the IIM campus.

Despite all the hype around campus placements, job offers from Top notch MNCs, opportunity to make life long network and big support for starting own venture ; Life at these top institutes is not bed of roses.

IIMs and other top B-schools are known for their rigorous academic curriculum which stands as a test of a person’s capabilities. It can become burdensome in the following cases :

  1. Introvert students from local colleges who completed their graduation by studying one week before the exams. It becomes difficult for them as preparation for exams in IIMs require way more effort and concentration when compared to undergraduate courses. Subjects are tough to study on your own and one needs to find friends with similar mentality to stay motivated to give the exam. As many students are from NITs and other top institutes who have exposure to such environment it is comparatively easier for them to cope up faster.
  2. Students who want to join IIM for the tag and not for placement, one must remember the fact that B-Schools are more of placement agencies and not holistic centers of learning.
  3. B-schools are known for the case study approach which means that it requires a decent amount of reading every day before class. One has to be in a position to read a lot of content daily and comprehend it to make full use of the course. It doesn’t mean that you need to read every case but still it’s a good practice to read. People who have problems in comprehending information under pressure might face problems in understanding complex subjects.
  4. Class Participation is another component of evaluation which might no be very crucial but still many manage participating in class by adding trivial points as well, so a person who is hesitant to share his ideas openly might find himself missing out in this component. This might also happen when a person is not confident with his communication skills or he doesn’t know the subject matter clearly.
  5. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish their venture in the near future don’t feel motivated as many of their peers are pursuing the course for placement and moreover there are no entrepreneurship courses until the second year.
  6. People who think they need some more time, want to gain some work experience, get exposed to different kinds of people and understand life better. MBA becomes more meaningful when a person is able to relate to the concepts taught with previous experiences. This might not be true for all as there are freshers who perform brilliantly because of their past academics.
  7. Students who want to join IIM thinking that they will improve on their skills during the course. IIMs select students who have excellent to decent level of skills and it is a place to polish the existing skills. It becomes difficult for an average guy to build on himself during MBA as there isn’t much time available.
  8. People who are not interested in titles, tags and social life feel out of place and sometimes don’t know what is happening with them since their ideologies are not aligned with the course requirements.
  9. People who do not have much trust in the present education system and believe in online learning websites as a better mode of learning.


People say that one needs to come out of his comfort zone to grow and MBA demands the same. It’s all about pushing one’s limits and taking responsibility.

Ultimately, it should be your choice to join an IIM or not, by assessing your needs and aspirations so that you don’t blame parents, siblings, family friends in the process since dropping out of B-school after joining would cost you both monetarily and emotionally. Moreover there might be a person who is behind you in the merit list, eagerly waiting to join an IIM and is optimistic about MBA

Written by an IIM Alumni

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