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Be a Winner ; What every one says in each and every field, whether it’s about sports or studies. Interviews are no exception any more as it has become part of each and every individual life whether we talk about job interviews, admission interviews or matrimonial interviews. Most importantly, the result of an interview decides the fate of all your hard and smart work ( Karma ) done over the years. No one wants to lose in the interview, but most of us start getting goose bumps just hearing the word “INTERVIEW”.

With a mission to make Interviews friendly and interactive exercise, PInterview is working to make Interview aspirants empowered with best interview cracking strategies and become a winner in every interview they appear for.

Over the last few years, PInterview is conducting annual unique contest “Interview Question of the Year” ; which provides candidates an opportunity to share their knowledge and win some exciting prizes.

Now, this is the time of the year to Participate in the Mega Contest of Year 2018 and win the Title award with some Exciting Prizes which  will make you proud for years to come.

Year 2018 is coming to an end. We all would be cherishing the memories of the passing year whether bad or good through out our lives. One of the interesting  memory every one keeps sharing with friends. peers and juniors, about their Interview experiences. Some times a person faces toughest questions during an interview some times interesting one. Whether we ace the interview or waste the opportunity we learn something new every time. The interview is not all about questions but how you tackle the questions which decides your results. But it is the Interview Question which sets the tempo and you need to dance as per demand.

Are you a student, or a job seeker- NO- then must be a working professional. Every person after writing exam papers has to appear for interviews, this is the norm one follows, whether one is looking for Admission into Premier Institutes or applying for a scholarship or searching for a Job. Every one among us has faced the interview at some point of time in one’s life.

But do you remember one interesting Interview question or you think you have been asked the Best Interview Question. If yes, then Be a Pro and let the world know

PInterview is giving you the life time opportunity to share the Best Interview Question with the world and win Prize worth rupees of  INR 5000/

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Ending on 11.59.59 pm 31/12/2018

Winners of the last year contest “Interview Question of  Year 2017” are as below:

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Winner of Contest

Winners of the  contest “Interview Question of  Year 2016” are as below:

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The winner of this contest will be decided by the Team PInterview

PInterview has the right to cancel or extend the duration of the contest any time.

Winner will be announced on Jan 26, 2019

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