RBI Grade B Jobs

RBI Grade B Jobs are one of the elite class career in this country. Choosing a career path is always a delicate task. Putting your hard work, dedication and immense will power, you can start your career in a RBI Grade B job. In India, competition for any government competitive exam is sky-high and if you want to join RBI as an officer, you need to be an efficient student. In the recent years, the role of an RBI Grade B employee is gaining immense popularity among young people.

In a recent survey, RBI was voted one of the best place to work in India. Here are some reasons

  • An RBI Grade B officer directly impacts the life of every Indian. Officers need to work closely and effectively, keeping inflation under check. RBI officers ensure an acceptable supply of liquidity for the productive sectors of the market.
  • A job with RBI is rewarding since it offers stability and immense opportunities for career growth. The benefits offered by RBI is far better than any other Government/Banking job. RBI offers handsome career options both in terms of salary, benefits and quality of life.
  • Being an employee in the Reserve Bank of India is indeed a privilege. You will be working with the intelligent minds and will be handling our country’s finances directly! Your job will be to make sure that the circulation of coins & currencies in the system works smoothly and properly.
  • Surely, a post of such a high responsibility comes with plenty of perks. One major reason for such hype around the RBI Grade B Exam is the salary package. Total cost to company pay package accounts to be around Rs. 18-20 lacs in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. The basic salary of an RBI Grade B employee is Rs. 35,150 pm.
  • RBI Grade B employee/officer work is of great responsibility. Therefore, the officers get work hours that are not stressful. You will be on Probation for 2 years before being appointed. It is a typical of a 9 to 5 job.
  • The highest position an RBI Grade B officer can rise to Deputy Governor.  With the right career path, the government can appoint Deputy Governors as the Governor of RBI! There is a strong chance of getting acquainted with some of the most prestigious organizations of the world such as World Bank, IMF etc.

Those who want to take better and higher responsibilities can take departmental examination after 5 years to get promoted to Grade C officer’s post. If you are recruited at a young age, then you can easily go upto deputy governor after clearing Departmental exams.

In the RBI, Officers can get several opportunities for further education in any university across the world. There are many scholarships provided for officers which give full/partial funding for future studies.

To sum up, the RBI Grade B job is one of the best banking jobs in the country.All you really need are a few hours per week and you can prepare at home or a place of your convenience, anytime.

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