Sports Management

The highly competitive field of sports management provides sports minded people with a head for business opportunities for exciting careers in the world of athletics. Sports management professionals work as team managers, athletic directors, sports agents and recruiters, marketing and PR professionals and more.

Sports management careers can pay very well, depending upon which aspect of the field you decide to enter. An entry level sports management salary may be low-to-average but there is great room for advancement.

Careers with a sports management degree are highly desirable, as the chance to work with professional, collegiate, or recreational athletics attracts many professionals from a variety of disciplines. A number of the positions within the field grow from similar concepts present in corporations. Athletic organizations require the same brand of financial and operational as any other business, which means the fundamental skills required to do those jobs in other fields can still be applicable. However, knowledge of the issues specific to the industry can only help an aspiring sport manager as they make their move into the industry.

People who work in sports management are interested in both sports and business. In school, sports management professionals learn about finance, marketing, law, and business as they apply to the world of sports.


Many sports management professionals are former athletes themselves. Some are trained in other professional disciplines, such as law, accounting, or business management, and come to sports management via their original careers.

Sports management courses are offered at Post graduate diploma levels. At present institutes offering this management course are few in India. However outside India, there are many institutes and scope is also much more there. Eligibility to take a post graduate course is graduation. Though candidates from any stream can take up studies in sports management, graduates in physical education are much preferred.

Job prospects:

Sports tourism and adventure sports have been gaining importance simultaneously. This ensures that sports industry will continue to rank among the largest and most diverse industries in the nation sustaining career opportunities for the future. This has made sports management a well-paid career option. Career options under sports management include that of Sports agent, General Manager, Athletic director and Event or facility manager.


Salary in this career field is based on experience, education and type of sports management position.

The starting salary of a sports manager can be anywhere between Rs10,000 and Rs 20,000. Remuneration increases with experience and position enhancement in the firm one is employed at. As one gains industrial experience, salaries can shoot up to as high as Rs. 4 lakhs per annum.

Today, practically all successful and well-known players of sport have their own personal managers or agents who keep a track of their clients’ schedules, look after activities such as their career progression, business promotion and even media and public relations. There are also those that work for sports teams. One can also find jobs with branded sports accessory shops as consultant cum manager. So the opportunities are vast for those with right skill and qualification.

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