Arts Vs Science

Arts Vs Science  Which one to chose for best Career Opportunities every candidate face this dilemma after schooling is over. Science stream vs Arts stream: Every student faces this dilemma. After all, this is the first major choice they have to make that has the potential of setting the course of the rest of their lives. Science or Arts – in this article we weigh the options.

On your way to looking for a Bachelor’s degree, you stumble across these titles: Arts and science. If you’re interested in studying one of the fields that are naturally associated with the sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry), in most universities you will have the option to choose either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science programme.

Fields like Psychology, Accounting and Business can also sometimes be offered in both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programmes. In this case, the difference between two means a greater focus on theory. Both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree courses provide the same recognition and value after completion and they both pave the way to a Master’s degree. However, while a Bachelor in Arts degree will be more dedicated to developing communication and writing skills, a Bachelor in Science will concentrate more on helping you see things from an analytical and practical perspective.

Science stream holds a greater draw for studious students. The current sorting method generally splits each batch of students into “more academically-inclined” and “less academically-inclined”, with Science getting the larger share of students who are willing to knuckle down and memorize formulas.

Successful students in this stream are the ones with actual passion for the Art subjects, having qualified for a place in Science but turning it down for Arts instead. They are the ones who really want to do Accounts, English Literature and it shows in their zeal.

Many feel that this stream, while being less “desirable,” is exactly what students who feel that their paths deviate from academia need.  A stream where one’s passion for food management, for instance, can be explored and encouraged.

Science graduates’ salaries in their first five years of work tend to be about 5 per cent higher than of humanities students, according to research. Strong demand for and short supply of technical skills and numeracy were the reasons behind the early pay gap, the research finds.

In the end all the streams are excellent in their own way. One has to decide which one is good for you. This decision should be totally based on your own liking. Remember when your hobby becomes your work, you will never have to work. Getting paid in lakhs and millions is not a certainty and one should not run after salary package only.

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