IIM Student Exchange program

IIM Student Exchange program is one of the best in India if you want to get some global exposure while studying.

A post graduate degree is not just about studying in the class but about getting exposed to new experiences. Exposure to a foreign country and culture can be significant catalysts for the development of your career. The experience gained in the summer internship programs contribute to the building of a management perspective. Exchange programs can make a huge difference in defining the success of your career.

Studying in a foreign country is definitely an experience of a lifetime and every student should get an opportunity to try it out at least once during his or her academic career. It is exactly with this belief that the Student Exchange Programme has been instituted by the IIMs.

IIM-A is the top college in both the ratings. The student exchange program of IIM-A is incredibly vibrant. IIM-A has 79 partner Universities across the world which send and receive exchange students from the IIM-A. IIM-A provides an excellent opportunity to learn as well as experience new cultures.

International exchange programme will help students and faculty members of the partner institutions to develop practical knowledge and experience of India’s complex business, social, cultural and political environment. This also gives the PGP students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with emerging global opportunities and to develop a cross-cultural perspective.

The strong and self-sustaining exchange programmes have been designed to help the Institute serve its purpose better and enhance academic standards. Student Exchange Programmes have been established with leading schools in Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

An international exchange programme facilitates flow of ideas between academic institutions. Joint activities provide each school with better understanding of the methods and programmes of the partnering school and enhance knowledge and skills of students and faculty members alike. Students participating in the programme seek to broaden their academic and cultural experiences. The experience contributes immensely to building of management perspectives. Visiting students add to the diversity of Knowledge and Culture at the Institute.

IIM-C is the 2nd best B-school in India per both the rankings. The PGP program provides the opportunity to spend a term at a partner university with which the college has a MoU. IIM-C has a tie up with 83 international institutes across the world.

This university let all the exchange university students to interact with potential recruiters without any problem.

Each year the Institute selects eligible second year students to spend one academic term at premier management institutes around the world with which the Institute has built partnerships. Similarly, students from the corresponding institutions spend an academic term at the IIM. The IIMs have been able to increase the number of participating institutions.

The exchange programme has academic partners across continents and corporate partners across the globe that have made it possible for students to participate in these programmes without any financial barriers.

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