Top 10 Government Jobs in India

Top 10 Government Jobs in India which not offer high salary but also job security in this volatile economic market where recession is looming over career growth always.

Government jobs in India are not only about the pay-check but also the esteem and value it brings with it.

The popularity of government jobs in India doesn’t need a clarification and it’s not for nothing. It not only provides you with a relaxed and secure job but offers you ample opportunities to grow and reach a much higher position in the hierarchy than the one you started with.

A government job has lots of perks over a private sector job. But it is a myth that government jobs don’t pay well. Many government jobs pay well and in some cases better than equivalent private jobs.

  1. 1. Public Sector Jobs:

The public sector or PSU jobs are lucrative with all that it offers along with. The employees are well paid, get accommodation, medical benefits, and others. Technical students can apply for various PSU exams like HAL, NTPC, BEL ONGC, etc. The basic salary starts from around 10 lakhs per annum which increases with experience.

  1. 2. Civil services

Civil services are the highest in the Indian government. The respect and prestige, which comes with the services like IAS, IPS, IFS are unmatched to anything in the private sector. They form the steel frame of Indian administration and have a greater say in all the major decisions taken by the Indian government

  1. Staff Selection Commission

Any fresh graduate (up to the age of 27) can apply for various posts under the graduate level SSC exam which includes posts as Examiners, Assistant CSS, Income Tax Inspector, Auditor, etc.

  1. Government Lecturer/ University Professors

If you are into teaching then becoming a government university lecturer is the best choice. Very good pay check and huge number of holidays are just some of the perks of this job. You can inspire the young generation of the nation. The job pressure is minimal and the fun of spending time with young minds is immense. Lecturers are even encouraged to take up research which is usually funded by the government.

  1. National Defense Academy

Defense Academy jobs not only require knowledge and education but more passion for joining the forces. You can get the jobs in Army, Navy, or Air Force. To qualify for Defense Academy jobs, one has to clear exams like NDA and CDS and have to prove themselves in different levels of the selection process.

  1. Scientist

DRDO, ISRO are just some of the reputable institutions which are run by government scientists. The salary of a government scientist equivalent and sometimes better than the private ones.  The perks such as individual houses in which they are accommodated, medical insurance are some of the benefits associated with the job.

  1. Railway Engineer

Compared to engineering jobs in other sectors, railway engineers are paid much more with additional leverages like travel allowances, private vehicle, etc.

  1. Bank PO

Graduates from all streams can apply for Bank PO exam. The job is very much in demand as the work pressure is very low when compared to the salary received. SBI Bank PO’s are paid the most in this designation.

  1. Public Service Commission

PSC is an acronym for Public Service Commission. It is also referred to as State Public Service Commission as you get to work in your own state. Though the position is below IAS or IPS, you can eventually get the designation by being promoted in your work.

  1. Government doctors

Government doctors in institutions like AIIMS and other government hospitals are highly respectable. They get higher payments and are given a genuine opportunity to serve the poor.  The job demand is very high. The work at times requires staying up until late nights and travelling to rural areas to serve poor people. The benefits provided are also in proportion to the job demand.

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