Career in Politics

Career in Politics now a days seems to be very much lucrative as most of politician’s children, cine stars and even cricketers want to make a name for them in Indian Politics.  “Politics is the way that people living in groups make decisions. In everyday life, the term “Politics” is the way that government make rules and laws for governing the countries”.

The number of people taking part in the panchayats or other local or municipal bodies in the past few years has grown more than ever before. Sure, belonging to a political family helps you to get your foot in the door but beyond that it is entirely up to your performance and capability. If you are not up to the job, no party or voters will re-elect you.

Politics is not a bad career choice. Rather it is one of the most challenging and hardworking career options, which not only tests one’s strength but one’s personality and aura as well. It is one of those career options, which provides a platform for the people to not only voice their opinion but also to be in the power to make that voice into a change.

People view politics as a game of power surrounded by corruption, scams, terrorism, communalism and rigorous laws implemented by gnarled politicians. These are also the reasons why politics is not much of a favorable career choice. However as youngsters, one can comment or complain that all the politicians are corrupt when they themselves are not far behind.

One of the main things people seek in a politician is transparency. Make sure that you have no criminal records against you or are not involved in any illegal activities. Helping existing parties in campaigning or joining marches to have your voice heard is also another great way to let people know about your interests and interact with like-minded people. Stay interested in what’s happening in the world and make sure you state your opinions with an open mind.

Making use of social media and letting people know of your interests can help you a great deal.

Politics can be a challenging and rewarding field for people, those who want to create a life in service of other people.Aspirants can join politics at any time of their age and at any level of their education. There is no particular academic requirement for joining the politics. As per the constitution of India, minimum age of 25 years is required for contesting the election.

You can work in an office, manage campaigns, or work in a policy environment. You can also work as an intern for a government agency, an elected official, a non-profit group or a political action committee. Most political internships are unpaid, but they are very useful in getting the experience you need.

Beyond working on a campaign, there are many different jobs in politics, such as working on legislation, political strategists, media relations & public relations positions, pollsters & political consultant’s campaign managers & consultants etc.

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