Divorces in India:

Divorces in India seem to be on upward trend if you look at the data for last couple of years. Marriage is only a legal contract, a social sanction for two people to live together and, perhaps, procreate. There’s nothing ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ about it. For years now, the older generations in our families have claimed the fact that the divorce rates in India are low because of our family values and morals. What they forgot to mention is that an unfortunate number of people, mostly women, stay in abusive, unhealthy, bad marriages for the sake of their children or to stay away from the social stigma of divorce. If anything, the low rates of divorce in India were an indicator of a lack of options for people to get out of toxic relationships.

In India, though the rate of divorce is much lower than other countries, especially when compared to European Countries, it is increasing at an alarming rate. The stigma against divorce is fading. And all this because the youth these days aren’t alright- they want more, compromise less often and are quick to take the easy way out.

Women in the olden days were not educated and employed, they were totally dependent on their husband for all their needs. Hence, even if something goes wrong or the husband tortures the wife they had to remain quiet and suffer.

Parents are educating their children making them financially independent, being employed and having a financial security, women no longer suffer, and revolt back against her husband’s family.

With this financial independence comes a stronger sense of self-confidence and the ability to walk out of a bad marriage. Women are also moving away from the oppressive gender roles which required them to cook, clean, and take on the responsibility of the entire household.

Mother -in-law and Daughter-in-law conflicts is one of the most common reason, especially in India. The maladjustment between a married woman with her mother in law or/and sister in law is what spoils the husband-wife relationship also gets affected. This kind of environment is what often leads to separation of the couples.

Thankfully, divorce is no longer seen as an anomaly and doesn’t trigger the kind of stigma it did earlier.

A person though married sometimes gets involved in extra-marital affair. In this case the partner becomes unfaithful, starts lying. This often leads to arguments, denial may set in. Hence leading to divorce.

 The actual solution lies in valuing a relationship, cooperating each other in good and bad times, and living together as good companions. Give your relationship some time instead of resorting to divorce immediately.

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