Brand Manager Salary

Brand Manager Salary is one of the attractive incentive for Marketing Management course aspirants. More than mere marketers, brand managers are important to boost market share.  Their campaigns to convey product name and advantages serve dual roles of elevating the business’s profile, while multiplying sales. Brand managers are often called upon to correlate their marketing strategies with product sales performance. Brand managers oversee the development and implementation of brand marketing strategies.  These marketing strategies increase consumer awareness of a product or business name, term, symbol, sign, design or a combination of them that distinguishes the vendor from its competitors.

Their main objective is to help develop effective marketing campaigns. They are involved in all stages of the marketing campaign and help plan a strategy to provide focus for the marketing material. Once that’s established they help produce content and then ensure the material is distributed as intended. They monitor their campaigns to determine how effective they are in their content or distribution venues based on whether or not the campaign is producing the desired results.

It’s common for employers to seek brand managers with a bachelor’s degree. Brand managers need to be comfortable using a range of media to promote products and their work involves writing a lot of content for print, Internet and radio distribution. Since they are required to have strong communication skills, it’s common for those entering this field to study English, communications, marketing, public relations or a similar discipline. Those considering this career can also opt to complete a degree in advertising or journalism.

Most brand managers possess degrees in marketing, business, communications, or accounting, and a significant number of professionals in this position acquire multiple degrees in order to reinforce any required skills. A degree in any of these fields can be found at almost all well-established universities. A brand manager should have working knowledge of finance, market research, marketing theories, marketing communication, and consumer behavior.  Although a background in an information technology is usually not required, considering the importance of digital media in modern marketing, some basic knowledge of IT is recommended.

Brand managers may be involved with producing content for multiple distribution platforms, so they need to be organized, efficient and capable of prioritizing tasks. They may work as part of a team and need to provide direction to those who are assisting with the promotional campaigns they’re working on.

When hiring a brand manager, companies typically look for the following qualities and skills:

  1. Creativity
    2. Trend Savviness
    3. Focus and Responsibility

1. Perform regular market research studies to gather important brand data.

  1. Develop custom brand management plans for each product and submit updated summaries to management each month.
  2. Assist in the design of retail packaging as well as the creation of in-store marketing displays.
  3. Lead marketing team members through campaigns.
  4. Measure and report on success of marketing campaigns.
  5. Anticipate consumer trends and keep brand up to date.


Marketing managers are expected to enjoy a job growth rate of 9% from 2014 to 2024. does provide salary data for brand managers. A Brand Manager earns an average salary of Rs. 9,14,699 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this field. Experience strongly influences income for this job.

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