IPL Games

IPL Games ; one of the most interesting event and crowd pulling activity of recent times during the summers. But what purpose IPL games serve whether genuine cricket or just well crafted entertainment.

Cricket is a tradition and legacy and in Indian cricket business, it’s a big brand and reign. Cricket originated in India in 1971 when its first match was played between British sailors and East India Company in Baroda. But cricket as business originated in late 1970s with the beginning of World Series.

But what is the IPL really? Is it a combination of cricket, money and entertainment? Oris it solely about business? These are questions that the fifth season of the IPL will definitely throw up.

For cricketers, this game always gave the fame but never the ‘money-thing’. But while tracing the times past of cricket icons, many cricket ambassadors have emerged and have gained millions of dollars into their pocket.

In today’s era, the word ‘cricket’ is lesser a game and more a chariot for marketing and exploring marketing for itself, exploring sports marketing, and discovering the commerce of cricket through new tactics. Cricket lovers are well aware of today’s business tactic in cricket. So what it is called as Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL can be defined as “Indian money Producing Loop” through their international heavenly paid laborers. However, IPL is a luminous notion which follows a ‘win-win’ strategy for cricketers, media, sponsor etc. The concept behind the IPL was to sell Cricket as a highly associated reality show which would appeal all its consumers. Franchise of IPL is not a small picture, it’s a lot giant picture with a big pond involving big international companies endorsing players so that money could be made.

The IPL tournament is playing a pivotal role in making people remain glued to the television set. The whole nation is under the grip of this cricket mania. At the same time, IPL depicts the unity among players from all over the world and this is what creates enthusiasm among the viewers. Earlier cricket lovers got the opportunity of watching the world cup series once in four years only. But now, the IPL is providing the opportunity of watching competitive world cricket every year. And there is little denying that there is plenty of entertainment too what with the involvement of all glamorous personalities.

But as said, every coin has a flip side so as this game ‘Cricket’ have. The darker side of this game is that every year, US 25 million (figures from the Hindustan times) are spent in illegal betting on this game. This illegal betting affects this game a lot making creating fake financial figures. It also affect socially to public and cricket lovers.

Many in this Cricket industry believe this sport as competition. Customers take it as a source of entertainment. Players take it as career and endorsements.

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