College Vs Course

College Vs Course ; Most of the candidates find this one as one of the challenging decision in their academic life. The dilemma between course and college can never become redundant, because ultimately, it is too subjective and cannot be limited to a single judgement. The admission season arrives and with it arrives the confusion in students – whether to chase their dream and pursue the course of their choice or opt for a good college even if it means going for the course of their interest.

The environment and the premises of a good college while compromising on the course of your interest might elate you for some months but will ultimately make you depressed when you are not able to perform well or find the subject interesting.

 Right decisions at right time leads to success in career throughout the whole life. But a student at that stage himself can’t think a lot about these questions. Well, one thing anyone can think while choosing a college is his “area of interest” and what he is really willing to do. It would not help in perfect decision making but it would rather support the decision.

Those who perform well in their course and possess a good knowledge are valued in the market even if they come from a mediocre college. If the course is of your choice the chances of you being happy in your profession and life are higher while if you compromise on the course for a good college, you might land up being dissatisfied all your life.When you choose a course of your choice and work hard, there are fair chances of being able to get into a good college for PG through an entrance exam.

Before taking admission, students must keep the placement factor in mind, which varies from college to college. Students nowadays are more aware of the career choices they want to make and a majority of them decide on admission on the basis of their desired course.

Preference to college above course or course above college is a confusing decision. To help students the colleges and schools together can introduce some counselling sessions where the students can find answers to their questions. The students should also take an initiative and contact their principals, vice-principals, teachers and career counsellors to make a decision.

Thus, in my opinion college should be important but more than that you should be more focused in choosing a right course for you, as it will help you throughout your career. College is only a ladder that bridges the gap between you and your career. It should be priority, but remember it is the only way to your career, not the final destination.

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