IIM Trichy Interview Experience

IIM Trichy Interview Experience was one of the life changing experience for Prabhangshu Adhyapak. He still remembers this interview as one of his toughest professional experience with high qualified domain experts and faculty members from renowned institute of India.

prabhangshu-adhyapak_passportphotoPrabhangshu Adhyapak (PGP -2016-18; IIM Trichy) shared his IIM Trichy Interview Experience and some of the questions from that interview which could be asked from any one in future:

Share at least 3 Questions asked during this Interview 

1. Can you explain the main components of your Payslip?
2. Do you think CSR activities are important for a company? What are some of the CSR activities in your company?
3. Can you mention a few potential of the North Eastern states of India that can be utilized for their further development?

Share your Answers for those Interview questions

1. Talked about the Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, HRA, Conveyance allowance etc. Also talked about Deductions like Income Tax, Prof. Tax, Health Insurance, Provident Fund etc. I also mentioned UAN Number and explained a little about Tax Exemption and Provident Funds.
2. Yes, I believe CSR activities are important for a company. CSR activities play a vital role in making the brand popular in the media, among other organizations and most importantly among the people who are their direct customers. Moreover, some social welfare spending activities could also be considered for tax benefits. CSR activities encourage both professional and personal development of the employees. One CSR activity taken up by my Company IBM India Pvt. Ltd. is ‘Government Schools Teacher Development in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM (Science Areas)’.
3. There is a huge potential in the NE states, the primary being the natural resources. The Oil and Natural Gas reserves are something noteworthy. These states have a huge Tourism development prospect and can easily bank on hydro power potential also. Agriculture can also yield huge returns in these states as there are several unique species of crops and medicinal herbs available.

What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview based on your IIM Trichy Interview Experience ?


How should a person prepare for the Interviews ?

One should work upon his or her previous skill set in terms of work experience and academics. Other than that, one should also try to gain an in-depth understanding of the company, he or she is going to appear for. One can try answering questions in front of the mirror to judge his or her articulation, intonation and body language. And most importantly, one should  try to maintain a cool demeanor during the interview.

Do you think Interview preparation matters based on your IIM Trichy Interview Experience ?

It matters a lot.

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What Interviewers look for in a Candidate ?

Attitude; Confidence; Fit or the position or the course (in case of academic interview)

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks
Confidence 80
Communication Skills 75
Body Language 65
Attitude 80
Subject Knowledge 70


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