Tier 1 MBA Colleges in India

Tier 1 MBA Colleges in India attract thousands of MBA aspirants for their career progression every year with a promise of great learning opportunity and best job prospects offered by MNC Corporate.

MBAs have been a popular career choice for many professionals across the world. This is due to the wide ranging application of the knowledge achieved during a management education. Although quite expensive to finance, an MBA in most cases, pays for itself through fast tracked career trajectories, higher salaries, more benefits, and prestige. B schools have once again become popular after seeing a slight dip in interest in the recent past. This is evidenced from the fact that 2016 saw the highest number of registrations for CAT. This increased interest in  B schools is shown from the company’s side as well. Companies are now hiring more, offering higher salaries and increasing the number of Pre Placement Offers, this is indicative of the better job market in which MBAs find themselves in.

When you find yourself in such a situation, you must have sufficient knowledge about the best B Schools in the country to maximize your investment of your time and your money. The best are of course the older IIMs namely, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta. The return to investment of these are also quite high in these institutions with average salaries ranging around 20 Lakhs per annum. The fees structure at these institutions are 18 lakhs, 20 lakhs, and 16 lakhs respectively.

The Top 20 B- Schools (Tier 1 MBA Colleges in India ) with their fee structure and Average Salaries(in Lakhs)  are given below:

College Fee Structure Average Placement Annual Intake
IIM Ahmedabad 18 20 412
IIM Bangalore 20 19 385
IIM Calcutta 16 20 462
FMS Delhi 1 17 200
XLRI Jamshedpur 16 17 360
SPJIMR Mumbai 14 18 150
MDI Gurgaon 17 16 335
IIFT Delhi 14 13 210
IIM Indore 13 13 550
IIM Kozhikode 13 15 353
IMI Delhi 14 9 300
IMT Ghaziabad 15 10 480
NMIMS Mumbai 16.5 16 620
TAPMI Manipal 8 8 420
NITIE Mumbai 13 13 235
BIMTECH  Noida 7 17 420
JBIMS 17 7 120
KJ Somaiya 8 8 460
Newer IIMs 10-12 10-12 150-200
XIMB 12 12.5 360

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The trends indicate that the average Placement in B schools have gone down while the highest placement has gone, however there are many colleges in which the highest placement has also increased. The highest pay packages go to those who do well academically as well as participate in extracurricular activities, hence simply getting into a b school isn’t enough to achieve a good placement what you do with your time there is also of prime importance. Work experience is also highly coveted, so going into a b school after working for a little bit will be a great idea, as industry experience will help in understanding the principles of the classes that are being taught, and the experience will make you seem more attractive to a recruiter as most students in B schools are fresh graduates with no work experience. Leverage your experience is also very important for your recruitment process.

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