New IIMs Interview Experience

New IIMs Interview Experience shared by candidates who have recently appeared in Interviews for securing a PGP seat at coveted institutes IIMs

Abhishek Tawania, Associate at JPMorgan Chase (2015-present) 


99.82 in CAT

10/12/Grad – 88/89/86

Work Experience – 2.5yrs

IIM CAP Process

12 Feb 2018

Location Mumbai

Slot – 8:30am

WAT topic – Time 20mins exact

Should writers be free of express their views even if it challenges beliefs of certain individuals or groups. (Related to Padmaavat controversy.)

New IIMs Interview Experience

PI – Two male both surprised that I was smiling.

P1- Tell me about yourself.

Me – Gave a brief overview.

P1- I will give you a topic and you have to note down your points in a minute and you will have 2 minutes to explain us the topic. TOPIC was Boys Don’t cry. While I was writing my points, they went through my documents. I told them about this being a old saying and crying is associated with weakness and blah blah.

P2- so you think crying is good?

Me- Yes

P2-When was the last you cried.

Me- When I got diagnosed with jaundice and got critically ill.

P1- Tell us about your work in your firm.

Me- explained in detail.

P1- Why do you want to do MBA if you already have a good CTC and in such a big firm.

Me – answered in detail and my interests in credit cards.

P1- credit card is just to cheat people. It’s not good for economy.

Me- it’s the backbone of economy and very much important however it can lead to crisis.

Grilled me more on credit cards and how it’s fraud.

Asked me if I would prefer a quarterly compounding or annual one.

Lastly, asked about extra Co corriculars and football ranking of India and Indian captain name.

Asked if I had any questions and I said none.

P2- thank you and keep smiling but do not cheat if you go into credit cards.

Hope it helps.


Ganesh Mahidhar, Engineer at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (2016-present) shared New IIMs Interview Experience

Date: 12.02.2018

Location: Monarch Luxur, Bangalore

Interview: CAP.

Percentile: 99.76

Calls: A,B,C,K,S,CAP

Profile: X- 10CGPA. XII-95.3. UG-8.62(Mechanical Engineering (Honors) at IIT Hyderabad)

I decided to attend this as a trial run in the lead up to my B interview on 14th Feb.

There were three panelists, 2 female and one male. Let’s call the females F1 and F2 and male M1. G is me.

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M1:Tell me something about yourself.

G: My name is Ganesh. Ever since I was a child, I was very taken by books. This started because of my parents who consistently brought a lot of books home. Also, being an only child, books were among my only entertainment. When I read these books, I started empathizing with the characters. I started understanding different types of people. Fast forward to IIT Hyderabad, and this empathy and understanding are what motivated me to take up several extracurriculars, where I could effectively understand and communicate with people. Carrying forward my interest, I founded the literary society at IITH. It was a very bleak literary scene that we started at and then we went on to win the best club award for the year. My stint at the Entrepreneurship cell made me interested in companies. And it was this mix of extracurriculars and academics that motivated me to take up a techno management job at BPCL. And working at BPCL, at the refinery, I felt that my job was too specific and less based on problem solving. Which is what led me to write CAT this year.

F1:You said you founded the litsoc. Wasn’t it already there? What activities did you conduct?

G:. IITH started only in 2008. There was a literary activities club that had done very poorly and was shelved. Then I integrated the debate club, the literary activities club and the quiz club into one.

F1: Your favorite author from fiction and non fiction

G: JK Rowling is an all time favorite. JRR Tolkien as well. I’ve read very little non fiction but the book “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” was something that I could associate very deeply with. Even though it was an abstract read, the story of Phcdrus echoed very strongly with me

F1:Favorite character from LOTR.


M1:You’re a mechanical engineer. Tell me the Different operations that happen on a lathe.

G: turning. That is the basic operation to reduce the diameter of a job. Then there’s facing. In order to make a surface planar and clean. If there’s an end Chuck, we can bore and drill the job. By setting the insert at an angle, we can chamfer a job. Then we can use special inserts to give the job a texture. (Knurling-couldn’t recall it then) M1: what is the Difference between a NC and CNC machine.

G: Sir, I’ve never worked on an NC machine but I think a CNC machine has storage ability while an NC machine can only execute one command after another. Hence we cannot have NC programs but a CNC machine can be used to run programs.

M1: What area have you specialized in?

G: there’s no specialization as such, but I’ve worked a little on solid mechanics and materials

F1: So tell me, what is your Key takeaway from budget

G: A lot of people are now talking about the healthcare policy that the government is touting. In fact, yesterday, I was reading that there have been no exact fund allocations for the plan, but the government would raise the amount as and when needed. That aside, I think this is a valuable step in the right direction for a country like India, since medical care is also a necessity that the government should take care of. And by starting such a program, it is making a positive stride towards healthcare, something that should have been done long ago. While this isn’t the first time that such an effort is being made and a similar plan happened in 1980s, when the government couldn’t execute it because of the poor condition of the Indian economy, we find ourselves in a similar state now, where the economy isn’t as healthy. But this plan if executed would be a great step in the right direction.

F2: Do you think our economy is slowing down. What are the indications that you use for this?

G: The large amounts of NPAs with Banks is making the money unavailable to the public. Because when people don’t repay loans, the lending capacity of the bank decreases. When the lending capacity decreases, people spend lesser. It is like the repo and reverse repo rates. If the RBI lends at cheaper rate, the bank lend at cheaper rates and there is more cash flow. When cash is stuck like this, there is less spending. And since GDP is based on spending, the growth of the GDP also slows down.

F1: What steps should the government take for Improvements in the farm sector? Are subsidies effective?

G: India is a heavily farm agriculture based economy. While the trend of the government has always been giving subsidies on farm equipment, the latest budget increased the MSP. While subsidies do encourage more farm production, I do think that MSP increase is also essential as it provides a cushion for the farmer in the last stage of production. The biggest problem with India is subsistence based agriculture. With inheritance, the area of lands are being divided which is leading to increased fixed costs and lesser production. The government should invest in farm infrastructure to support initiatives like ladder farming and greenhouses in order to increase production. They shouldn’t go for blind subsidies in fertilizers as they leech the ground in the long run.

F1: Why MBA?

G: like I said earlier, I have been interested in problem solving since I was a child. I like to dissect the problem, analyze it and solve it. I think that though I’m able to apply my technical knowledge at BPCL, I couldn’t really concentrate on components that involved large scale problem solving. The scope of the job is clearly defined for me and I would like to move to a more strategic profile- I’m not really sure if strategy is exactly what my opinion about it is, but I seem to be inclined towards it.

F2: Don’t you face any problems in your company?

G: no ma’am, we sure do. In industries like ours, there are periodic turnaround activities where we have to carry out a set of jobs in an extremely limited timeframe. That aspect involves a lot of problem solving but the shutdowns are only for few days of the year. The rest of the year, the job has limited challenges and the work carried out is often easily manageable.

F1:Are there any women on the shop floor?

G: No ma’am. A few trade apprentices, but no one else. The factory act 1950 doesn’t allow women to work in a factory after 7pm. And maintenance department often requires overtime, which takes it to around 11pm on a few days. Since they wouldn’t be allowed to do that, there are very few women on the shop floor.

F1: very few or no women?

G: no women, but there are a couple of officers in the electrical department.

M1: name All South states and capitals

G: told

M1: Can you name All their chief ministers.

G: I’m not sure but I’ll try. (M1 Started smiling)

Karnataka: Siddiramaiah

AP: Chandrababu Naidu

Telangana: KCR

Kerala: Pinarayi Vijayan

Tamil Nadu: I don’t know- Panneerselvan?

(Everybody bursts out laughing and say the people of Tamil Nadu themselves don’t know who their chief minister is)

F1: do you have any sports interests?

G: Not really .

M1:What did you learn from your extracurriculars?

G: I’d done a bit of marketing for my college technical fest. My key learning from that had been that I had to believe in the value of a product, or a fest, or a service that I’m selling. It is the inherent value of a product that makes it saleable. If I were to sell this pencil, for instance, I would have to believe that this pencil would deliver all that was promised of it, that it would write well, that it would withstand wear and tear, etc. Going into the litsoc, this is what I did. By exposing the club on all fronts at once, by starting an online blog, establishing presence, frequent activities, we made sure that litsoc was on people’s minds. I think that’s what is brand building on a college scale. In the E Cell, I was working on networking with groups such as the Indus Entrepreneurs to get mentorship for startups in the ecosystem, arranged for talks by people like Rashmi Bansal, etc.

M1: What is your cat percentile

G: 99.76

F3:Which IIM do you want to join

G: I believe that all IIMs are great institutes and I’ll join whichever takes me.

F3: forget about all these. What is your dream IIM?

G: I have always been fascinated with IIMA, given its rich history and knowledge, so maybe I would want to join there.

M1:Who is the defence minister of India?

G: Nirmala Sitharaman


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M1: What would you do if you were the defence minister

G: if I were the defence minister, I would make sure that the borders are secure. That would be my prime motto. India is known as a soft power throughout the world. With India vying for a seat on the security council, it is time we moved from being a soft power to a hard one. Our defence expenditure as a percentage of the total budget has been falling, and it is essential to bring the percentage up in order to establish a strong military. It does not do to be known as a tourist destination or just a spiritual center. At the center of it all, we need a strong military. India has always had a no attack policy, but no attack does not mean that we don’t retaliate. When the time comes, it is essential that we retaliate with sure and deadly force. I would also concentrate on POK and Arunachal, both of which are essential to our integrity as a country. The borders would also have to be tightened by taking care of immigrants in states like Assam-

M1: that’s enough. Thank you very much

G: thank you sir

Hope New IIMs Interview Experience will help you to prepare for your coming interviews