Amazon Leadership Principles

Amazon Leadership Principles are the foundation of human resources at this multi billion dollar Tech company. These principles one should must learn in order to grab a high paying job with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon is known to have a very distinct management style. He has beliefs and specific methodology of doing things, which has been ingrained into the very fabric of the company. In many ways, Bezos; commitment to these principles is why Amazon has seen such a meteoric rise.
This is important to know about since companies very often hire recruits who have a similar philosophy to the company that they are joining. So what sets Amazon apart from  its competitors and other organizations? Let’s take a look  at Amazon Leadership Principles

  1. Think Long Term: Jeff Bezos and Amazon have both been incredible at looking ahead and being at least two steps ahead of everyone else. Case in point, Jeff Bezos was an early investor in Google, Uber and Twitter. Hence it is important to convey that short term gain will never trump the long term goals.
  2. Work Hard: Amazon as a company has always expected a lot from it’s employees so you should not be surprised in case the interviewers want you to give long hours for the company. Amazon has lived by the philosophy that the customer is king and that continues to ring true today. This will at times require certain sacrifices on your end. Therefore it is essential that you align your work ethic in such a way that it fits into what is expected at Amazon. Hard work is one of the key factor of Amazon Leadership Principles
  3. Results and not Process: At Amazon what matters is that the result is achieved quickly and efficiently. Focusing too highly on the process can led to slow decision making and not giving enough importance to whether the desired result was achieved or not. This typically happens in large organizations, while startups usually have an easier time with high velocity decision making. No matter how large amazon has gotten, the focus has still been on achieving the result.
  4. Disagree and Commit: In Amazon, they understand that every employee in the company will not always have the same point of view and hence at times they will not agree on the decision that has been taken and the course of action that has been decided. Regardless of this they believe that the whole team must commit to the decision and course of action that has been made.
  5. Stay Curious: At Amazon they believe in having a healthy curiosity at all times. This helps defeat and prevent stagnation, someone who i continually learning and innovating will always bring new ideas to the table and will not be doing the same thing day in and day out. This is a philosophy the management shares and they try to spread among the rest of the company as well.

Amazon as a company has seen tremendous growth over the past 20 or so years, this is because of the very carefully created working environment in which every employee is a part of and has aligned to. Thus, it is important to keep these philosophies (Amazon Leadership Principles) in mind while you sit in for an interview or begin working at Amazon.