SIBM Pune Interview Experience

SIBM Pune Interview Experience is one of the most rewarding for any professional whether it is for admission or for an internship or even for placement purpose.

Ayush kumar, an MBA student at SIBM Pune shared his internship interview experience at the campus arranged by SIBM Pune for PUMA India

Share at least 3 Questions asked during this Interview 

Why not entrepreneurship?
Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
When you had faced biggest challenge and how had you solved it?

Share your Answers for those Interview questions

Answer-1: Entrepreneurship don’t attract me too much and I don’t have a clear idea which can be executed soon.
Answer-2: I see myself as an expertise in my area of work and would be a role model for new people. Also I see myslef in leadership roles.
Answer-3: I faced biggest challenge in my life when I had dilemma situation in front of me as I was going to leave my sister to school and I was caught without helmet. Now I had two options for either giving 100 rupees to police or pay the full amount take receipt and then complete whole process which may take huge time. As my sister was getting late for school pressure was on me to give bribe but I took a strong decision by leaving the bike there only and first take an autorickshaw to leave my sister at school on time, came back and completed the whole process.

What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview ?

A person should prepare by first writing down all the questions he can think of, then  writing down all the life events he has faced of in his life and how these life events can be linked to the above questions. Next one must practise again and again with the answers by speaking in front of MIRROR which will give confidence and next one should chose a mentor as the mentor will help one to polish the answers and repeat the above process again to improve on overall confidence.

Do you think Interview preparation matters ?

It is Must if one wants to succeed in any interview.

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What Interviewers look for in a Candidate ?

A candidate looks for Authenticity, Trueness, Confidence, Group Dynamics, Overall Personality, Cultural Fit, Positive Body language even in Stress Interviews

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks
Confidence 30
Communication Skills 25
Body Language 10
Attitude 15
Subject Knowledge 20
* All these above information depends upon the job applying for  but generally above marks are for general interview according to me.

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