BITS Pilani Interview Questions

BITS Pilani Interview Questions are the most challenging especially if we talk about MBA Admission at BITS Pilani campus. Sanya Khanna, pursuing her MBA at this prestigious campus shared her interview experience:

Share at least 3 BITS Pilani Interview Questions asked during this Interview 

1. Introduce Yourself and why you want to do MBA.

  2. Why Finance after Biomedical Engineering?

  3. Tell me a female biomedical scientist.

Share your Answers for those BITS Pilani Interview Questions

1. My name is Sanya Khanna which means ‘to dream’ so as live in my dreams and work out to achieve it. I completed my Biomedical Engineering from well renowned Govt College of Indore, SGSITS. After That pursue three years work experience in MP’s Biggest Chain of Hospital i.e. CHL APOLLO HOSPITAL as a biomedical Engineer . At my job i came to know about various techniques ex – HMIS, Advanced Excel, Healthcare Analytics etc and also deals with real time difficulties. As i am confined only to manage a department in my job profile so to take it to a wider prospective and better growth opportunities , I decided to do MBA

2. After working in analytics and dealing with finances , I am interseted in it and want to know more and do excel in it . Also apart from bank sector , finance is a very helpul and upcoming  factor in healthcare

3.  Valerie Bevan (Biomedical scientist in IBMS )

What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview ?

communication skills, knowledge about the prospects of your backgroud and MBA College applied for,answering skills (how much to say in which question).

How should a person prepare for the Interviews ?

Firstly , they should prepare themselves on all the required heads . Secondly, every candidate have to give 2-3 mock interviews which increased their chance of selection at one go. Finally, at the final interview , one should impress the interviewer in just 20 minutes with all their efforts along with full confidence.

Do you think Interview preparation matters ?

Yes is helped a lot

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What Interviewers look for in a Candidate ?

hardworking skills, sincerity, disciplined behavior, knowledge about the subject

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks
Confidence 70-80
Communication Skills 85-95
Body Language 60-70
Attitude 80-90
Subject Knowledge 60-70

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