IIM Indore Campus Life

IIM Indore Campus Life; one of the most sought among IIM aspirants.

Life in IIM Indore will be everything you expect out of college life and then some. There is
something for everyone here, from the sports enthusiasts, to the adventure lovers, nature geeks
and everyone in between.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous, but that’s very well known by now, everyone who goes
here takes pride in how frequently we make lists of the most beautiful campuses in India. It’s
also huge, so there’s always new places to discover and explore. Situated in Rau, it’s away from
the hustle and bustle of the city, while that’s inconvenient at times, like when you wanna go out
to eat, it makes for amazing night skies and star gazing.
It’s a fully residential campus, so everything that you need you can find on campus and for
everything else, there’s frequent shuttle buses that go to the city. Granted sometimes you can’t
get on due to sheer number of people trying to get on along with you, but when you live as far
away from the city as we do, shuttle buses are a savior.
It often called the “hillock that doesn’t sleep” and after the time I’ve spent here, I can vouch for
that. Days begin early with the gym, or rushing to get to your 8:45 classes. (We have another
unique feature called biometric attendance that we all dread.), followed by hanging around with
your friends, and then of course assignments, readings and quizzes forcing you to crack open a
book in your spare time. (Obviously the parties don’t end till the sun rises either)
IIM Indore Campus Life is so amazing that You never get bored here, there’s always something happening and so many things to do. And if you do get bored, then Indore is quite close to many tourist places that you can easily travel
to and explore. Maheshwar, Omkareshwar, Pachmarhi, Bombay, Pune, Udaipur, Jaipur these
are all just a bus ride away. It’s a really amazing location to plan trips with your friends!
IIM Indore Campus Life is an opportunity for making new friends, doing meaningful conversations with friends, the people you meet, the connections and bonds you make, you’ll cherish
them for a long time if not forever. It’s a cliche perhaps but living with your friends on a campus,
creates a bond that you really can’t describe or quantify.
Beyond the campus, Indore also provides a lot as a city for you to enjoy. The people here are
proud of their food culture, and hence a visit to the sarafa night market and chappan are a must.
The city is also brimming with new cafe’s so you’re never really bored.
All in all, IIM Indore is a great place to be, it’s a place you’ll miss when you leave and a time in
your life you’ll cherish for a long time to come. IIM Indore Campus Life is an awesome experience itself.

The author of this article NADHA K NEELAMBRA is a student of 5 years integrated course at IIM Indore.

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