Essay on Working Women's

Essay on Working Women’s Life is now a days very popular as this is the case for gender diversity. Women today who run their own solo and micro businesses are leading the advancement of their demographic in the corporate arena. In fact, there are more women independent workers in this country than stay-at-home moms. While women make up less than half of the traditional workforce, they make up of the independent workforce.

A gender gap between male and female leadership in a working environment seems to one of the controversial topics garnering lot of attention from fraternities across.

Male and female do share the same starting point towards pursuing a career, including the career path to reach the pinnacles of success in a company.

The benefits of an independent career are clearly reflected in the reason women choose this path: more flexibility (65%), control of own schedule (64%), and being one’s own boss (59%). Yet, like all career choices, there are pros and cons for women independents.


  1. She becomes a confident personality and a support to her family financially too. She is more adjustable and truly beholds an infinite treasure house of strength. She is the captain of the ship who leads the family through rough and smooth weather alike.
  2. Women are commonly skilled at multitasking and managing. A female boss can prioritize issues and manage situations at work.
  3. Female bosses are generally considered to be more friendly, empathetic and better communicators. They can build effective employee relationships with colleagues, subordinates and even the top management. It doesn’t matter to a woman leader, if you are a woman or man employee seated at the other end of the table, female bosses are good listeners and effective communicators to help resolve employee’s personal concerns with understanding and empathy.
  4. Women leaders understand and acknowledge their star performers’ efforts. They notice smart workers and reward them accordingly.


  1. There are no guarantees as an independent. She may have gaps in income. She may lose a client. She can choose the wrong path, and will need to regroup and develop a new strategy.
  2. Women face great hurdles to climb up the career ladders and they may pull other competitive women down to retain the top most secured position in a job.
  3. Women bosses do depict tendencies of being jealous and backbiting over time.
  4. Many family commitments have to be kept on a pause mode due to deadlines at work. A wave of anger and tiredness does set in and she is most of the time caught in a whirlpool of emotions where her career pulls her from one side and the home front from the other.

An independent career can be the right choice for any woman. She has the latitude to be in complete control of your work life. A solo career can allow her to create that work-life balance by allowing her to design work on her own terms. It can also be deeply fulfilling to choose work that challenges and excites her.

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