Who is a good Leader Essay

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Being a wildly successful entrepreneur requires not only growing a solid business, but also giving the entire enterprise an aura of something larger than life.

 Business strategies are similar to political ones, but have different ramifications and ways that players judge them. But depending on the magnitude of the decision, there’s an intrinsic cost-benefit analysis.

the actions in business life–buying and selling, hiring and firing, trial and error, meeting deadlines and courting customers–mean hard work, careful thought, and much risk. You have to be adept and you have to persevere. To be an entrepreneur is to be at the center of your nation’s economic life.

In business, it’s easy to understand the risks–the business could lose or gain money or partners, etc. But things aren’t so easy to analyze when it comes to political decision making. The political actors need to know that there are unknown elements to consider when making any moves. The stakes are higher. Political decisions have much harder calculations than the ones entrepreneurs need to make. When a president makes a seemingly small move, it could alter relationships with a key ally. Understanding the potential risks when making political negotiations is at once impossible but necessary.

Careers in business almost always require integrity to succeed. If people can’t trust entrepreneurs, they won’t buy what businessmen are selling. In politics, by contrast, politicians can promise goodies to many, and then try to tax the few in order to deliver those goodies. The politician can win votes by gifts to voters that suck capital from the entrepreneurs and household money from the middle class. The politician wins, but society often loses.

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Negotiation in business is more divided, but in politics it’s far reaching. In politics, compared to business, there are potentially many more people and issues that can affect how decisions are made and things turn out. Policies and people can be sabotaged or promoted for reasons far removed from seemingly immediate concerns.

Both a business and political leader’s legacy is crafted by how they attack issues. But the unknowns in politics are far vaster than for most other spheres, and how they approach filling those knowledge gaps will dictate their success as political negotiators.

Whether or not the future of politics is drawn from business learnings or something entirely different, it’s important for leaders to be both reflective and critical. They must be ready to learn as the scope of their decisions and negotiations increase.

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