How to dress up

How to dress up for an interview whether for securing a job or an admission offer letter ? Your interpretation of power dressing for an important interview may backfire if you depend solely on your basic instincts. Overdoing it or taking it back to the Stone Age may end up exposing more than you bargained for – your lack of dressing etiquette.

You need to remove the label from the suit cuff. If you don’t, it’s a dead giveaway that you’ve either never worn a suit before or were planning to return the suit after the interview. Either way, not in your favor.

That temporary stitching that holds the side vents or center vent of your jacket together at the rear bottom should also be removed so that the vents can open. If the sleeves of your suit are too short and the sleeves of your shirt are the right length, your shirt cuff will show too much. Try your interview outfit on in advance and make sure this doesn’t happen.

When it comes to dressing for success, treat the business school interview as you would any other traditional job interview. For men, this involves a traditional suit – keep it simple, and wear a classic-colored suite with a simple, collared, dress shirt in white or blue. You can get a bit more creative with your tie, but your dress choice should not really be something that makes a strong impression with your interviewer.

For the remote virtual interviews, the same professional dress rules apply. With the increasingly popular video essays, however, you can usually wear more business casual attire. Follow the specific directions that will be provided to you and keep it clean with your clothing choice. For men, polo shirts or collared shirts with no jacket are acceptable, while women should aim to wear an appropriate dress, shirt or blouse. Remember, your wardrobe should not be a distraction – keep the focus on what you are communicating rather than what you are wearing.

When it comes to color, grey or charcoal grey are most popular. Black is too grim and way too formal. Women have more choices with suit color than men do and can carry off a slate blue or light grey suit, which would not be appropriate for men. As for material, wool, wool blends and even synthetics are fine when suiting up. And, yes, a solid or very subtle weave is what you want.

Before you slip your foot into that carefully chosen shoe, make sure it’s in socks that are dark and matching, and that do not allow any skin to be visible even when you sit down. A belt is mandatory – but keep it simple and subtle. No suspenders or braces!

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