How much Fees for MBA in India

How much Fees for MBA in India every MBA aspirants do calculation about investment and ROI before taking admission in any MBA College.

There are more than 3000 Business schools in India offering MBA to aspirants. While evaluating whether to go for MBA or not one should objectively evaluate the decision on parameters of overall Return on investment, opportunity cost, tuition fees, preparation cost, badge value, alumni network, choice of career etc. to clearly understand the real cost of doing an MBA. The impact of the decision to pursue an MBA on personal finance can be long lasting.

In India, there are some thousands of institutes from where you can study management. However how to know how much fees would any college charge you?

All good things come with a price. If you look at the phrase in terms of your MBA, you can relate to it given the high amount of fee you have to pay. Although you earn the degree with your hard work over the 2 years, you have to pay the price of the education you receive, the faculty members, infrastructure and other facilities which you would avail for these 2 important years of your life

This is the fee structure of 25 B-schools for their flagship management programs in the academic year 2016-18 which can help you decide which institute to go for.

Sr no. B-School Fees
1. IIM Bangalore Rs. 19.5 lakhs
2. IIM Ahmedabad Rs 21 lakhs
3. IIM Calcutta Rs. 19 lakhs
4. IIT Delhi Rs 4.3 lakhs
5. IIT Madras Rs 6 lakhs
6. IIM Lucknow Rs 14 lakhs
7. XLRI Jamshedpur Rs. 16.8 lakhs
8. IIM Kozhikode Rs. 16 lakhs
9. IIT Roorkee Rs. 4.18 lakhs
10. IIM Indore Rs. 14 lakhs
11. IIT Kharagpur Rs. 6.72 lakhs
12. FMS, Delhi Rs 20,000
13. NITIE Mumbai Rs. 8.10 lakhs
14. IIT Bombay Rs. 2.25 lakhs
15. MDI Gurgaon Rs. 15.96 lakhs
16. SPJIMR Mumbai Rs. 14.5 lakhs
17. IIT Kanpur Rs. 1.60 lakhs
18. IIM Shillong Rs. 12.68 lakhs
19. IIFT Delhi Rs. 14.50 lakhs
20. DMS Bangalore Rs, 3 lakhs
21. IIM Rohtak Rs. 10.5 lakhs
22. JBIMS Mumbai Rs 2 lakhs
23. IIM Raipur Rs. 10.26 lakhs
24. IMT Ghaziabad Rs 13 lakhs
25. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai Rs. 16.50 lakhs

 Cost of doing an MBA has a significant impact on individual and his family. One not only needs financial support but also emotional support from the family. It is important to clearly evaluate MBA option along with the impact on personal finance both in short as well as long-term. It’s important that benefits of doing an MBA considerably outweigh financial costs associated with it.

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