IIM Rohtak Interview Experience

IIM Rohtak Interview Experience is one of the toughest and challenging as like most of the IIMs Interviews and who can tell better than student of IIM Rohtak who faced this litmus test and passed with flying colors.

Mr. Siddhesh Suhas Salkar, currently student of PGP at IIM Rohtak shared his IIM Rohtak Interview Experience with Team PInterview

Share at least 3 Questions asked during this Interview 

1. What is the difference between diode and transistor?

2. Can India compete with China?

3. What is the biggest problem that Indian will face in then ear future?

Share your Answers for those Interview questions 

1. Diode is bipolar and transistor is tripolar.

2. It’s very difficult for  India to compete with China as China is very much ahead of India in many aspects.

3. Unemployment among youth will be the biggest problem in India in near future.

Based on IIM Rohtak Interview Experience, What is the most important factor to Ace an Interview ?


How should a person prepare for the Interviews ?

Firstly, a candidate must look for historical data to understand the type of questions asked for the interview. Knowledge of the subject is very important. With any prejudice, the candidate must be display confidence in front of the interviewer.

Do you think Interview preparation matters ?

Yes, it does matter a lot. Without preparation, interview is just like a gamble.

What Interviewers look for in a Candidate ?

They look for right attitude, knowledge, communication skills and culture fit for the job role.

Please provide marks out of 100 on below skills to ace an interview

Skills Marks
Confidence 100
Communication Skills 80
Body Language 60
Attitude 60
Subject Knowledge 80

Hope you have got some idea after reading .IIM Rohtak Interview Experience

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