Dress Code in Colleges Essay

Dress Code in Colleges Essay is one of the most hot topic as some people try to dictate their terms in this democratic nation.  There is really an unresolved debated topic regarding the enforcement of dress codewithin the college campus. In this very well-groomed and fashionable world, whereeverybody wants to look smart and stylish, this is certainly an unsettled problem.

College students are paying for their education which means they should be getting what they want or pay for. Nobody in college is looking to wear a specific outfit every day to look like everyone else.

Imposing limitations on youngsters could invite a lot of unwanted cost show ever, teenagers will always find a way of expressing themselves and following a dress code doesn’t essentially charge them their fret. It is essential to realize that dress codes are the central key for respectable appearance and an imperative way to discover the route to self-respect and self-confidence. Also it brings a sense of responsibility.

Students are going to be as engaged in school as they want to be no matter what they are wearing on their body. People propose the argument that uniforms are made so everyone is equal. The clothes that you wear express a lot about yourself and allow you to be you. They say that uniforms are going to reduce bullying, but if someone really is a bully clothes are not going to stop them. Students shouldn’t need to wear a uniform everyday, because it is their freedom to be who they want to be and express themselves however they deem fitting.

There has been pro-longed discussion on whether it is essential or not. Talking about the gains, the most distinctive feature of the dress code system is the backdrop of homogeneity in the colleges. If there is a particular dress code in thecollege, then every student will look identical. I.e. they may find an essential element of unity among students where they wear uniform and there will be no discrimination on the basis of looks. In this addition, the students, who come from the various backgrounds, cultures and traditions, will learn to live together. Eventually, uniforms may inculcate feelings of patriotism and attachment for their respective colleges as it adds integrity to every student. One may even say that being inside the premises,college students should look like students. Dress code should be defined as decent dresses, on campus, any dresses not to mind.

While there are realistic arguments on both ends of the topic, however it is the final call of the mutual efforts of the college administration, students and their parents. Instead of imposing a rule it is better if students are given the choice of communicating their issues on the subject, which are then addressed with best justifications and when they’re convinced finally a decision could be reached upon. In this way, even the students could have a say and get to decide over their dress codes.

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