IIM only for Engineers

Is IIM only for Engineers ? If you are thinking this question, then you must look at the data. At Most of the IIM Campuses you will find number cruncher are busy in their laptops with their peers doing some data analysis or working on excel sheet. But the question is who are these bright pupils ?

IIM only for Engineers whether it is a right  view or a misconception among thousand of MBA Aspirants as IIMs do not ask only engineers to apply for their courses.

In today’s world, professional courses have become a prerequisite for a good career. MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the most preferred course today. In India IIMs are the leaders in providing management education. They select students for admission on the basis an entrance test, CAT or Common Admission Test.

IIMs and other top management colleges in India have a student ratio heavily skewed in favor of engineers. At IIM Ahmedabad, 95% of the students in 2013-15 batch were engineers. IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Kozhikode had 95%, 89% and 85% engineering students respectively.

A majority of students pursuing MBA in India are engineers. When it comes to higher education, most engineering graduates opt for MBA degree. MBA after engineering is considered a ticket to success in the corporate world. Most students believe that MBA will provide them better opportunities in terms of growth and increments.

Many organizations have also adopted employee-friendly policies to enable them to take a leave and pursue an MBA degree. All these factors have contributed to the rise in the number of engineers in management colleges.

IIMs always prefer candidate with work-experience for admission. Engineering, being a professional course provide the facility of campus placements to engineers and thus till the time they appear for interview in IIMs they have at least 6 to 9 months of work experience. Such a facility is not readily available to commerce students. Thus they could acquire no work experience.

In the past couple of years, IIMs and other management institutes have taken steps to encourage diversity of students. This year, many changes have been introduced in CAT exam patterns to provide a more level playing field to the students. The addition of comprehension section in CAT exam is one of these changes.

Apart from providing better opportunities to non-engineering students, IIMs are also making an effort to reduce gender-inequality. In most IIMs, girls constitute only around 20% of total students. The dominance of engineering students is one of the factors responsible for this. Many steps have been taken to increase the intake of girls in these colleges. IIMs have modified criteria in CAT to admit more girls.

Accordingly, there is no doubt on the intention of IIMs that they are trying hardly to increase the number of non-engineers in class rooms but it appears that the need is to inculcate more interest and awareness among the candidates with non-engineering back ground to take CAT and get into IIMs or other highly ranked B-schools.

IIM only for Engineers, this statement is some what true if you look at the batch structure of any IIMs as approximately 80-90 percentage of batch size consists of engineers and remaining from CAs and other graduates. So it is not wrong to assume that  IIM only for Engineers but remember it is the design of their test paper which favor engineers but that does not mean non engineers can not perform well and get into IIMs. The moral of story is One needs to cross the hurdle to get into prestigious IIMs which is what  expected from each and every CAT aspirant.


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