IIM Ahmedabad Interview

IIM Ahmedabad Interview Call makes a candidate excited as well as nervous at the same time. It is a big achievement itself but more a responsibility as now its upto you whether you will taste the success or will waste this life time opportunity. Interviews are like second half of a movie after written exam where the action is still there.

CA Raman Sharma is also a working professional based out of Mumbai, who always dreamt of doing MBA only from IIM Ahmedabad. So after getting IIM Ahmedabad Interview call for MBA Admission, What Raman did to crack  IIM Ahmedabad interview and land a prestigious Admission offer from the top B-School of India IIM A :  Read this article and learn the tricks from IIM A Interview Cracker

  1. How you have prepared for CAT/GMAT as you are already in full time job?

Technically, it was very difficult as I was in a full-time job. I have been trying for GMAT for 3-4 years now. Initially I started the preparations with joining classes, I had also applied for TIME. But I did not find any improvements in my scores. I then tried for online modules available on the internet, eg, Mangos and this eventually started improving my GMAT score. Then I started dedicating time in the mornings and late nights. I also took 3-4 holidays before the exam.

  1. How much time on a daily basis you devoted for preparation?

I devoted about 2-3 hours daily and more on weekends considering I was free, that’ll be about 6-7 hours.

  1. Why MBA as you are already a CA?

The thing is I am very comfortable in the finance related domain, but at times when I need to go beyond the finance related domain, I lose idea about it. E.g. Marketing, sales, engineering related stuff, production. So in order to get a holistic sense of the cross functional different streams of businesses that existed, so I knew MBA would help me understand things from a broader horizon.

  1. How was your experience at IIM Ahmedabad  Interview?

The PGPX interview was different than any interviews I had ever experienced. I was the last person of the batch of people who were interviewing for PGPX. There was 2-hour delay in the interview timing. The first topic in the interview was group discussion. They did not greet me formally or anything, they directly got on the group discussion. It was very awkward at first but then I collected myself and started with the topic. I formed my opinions about the topic and they were okay with it. The interviewer was constantly looking at the clock. The interview ended within 15 minutes. I couldn’t figure out first whether what happened was good or bad, but it definitely made me question if i got through.

  1. How many members were in the interview panel?

There were two people, one was a young lady and the other was old and looked experienced. The lady looked un experienced and most of the interview was driven by the old guy.

  1. How much time you spend during PGPX Interview?

I only spent 15-20 minutes in the interview. Not more than that.


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  1. Approximately how many questions you have been asked during PGPX Interview?

Approximately 8, as much as I remember. I can tell you the questions that were asked if you want.

  1. Any difficult Interview question you want to share with us.

I found the group discussions a bit hard to be honest. They asked me if I watch Game of Thrones. The reason behind them asking me this question was because most people told them that they like watching that series. I said them no, and they cross questioned me the reason for it and if I’m curious. I answered that it was not a value-add for me, therefore I am uninterested.

  1. Any easy interview question you want to share with us.

They asked me if I like travelling and what all places I went to. They asked me what books do I read and what I read other than books. The interview was very conversational.

  1. What is the reason behind your success in PGPX Interview?

I really don’t know actually, but i had practiced a lot for the interview. I took package of five from Pinterview. I topped it up again with another 5 package.I also had help from a person who guided me throughout. I had given 12 mock interviews before the real interview. Because of lot of practice the answers came out naturally. I took care of many factors before the interview. I had a checklist of things to remember before I entered the interview. I had gotten a lot of tips from my past experiences with the interview. Practice was a major key.

  1. How a candidate should prepare for PGPX Interviews?

First thing is they should expect the unexpected. Interview though is a very important part but they should also focus on other aspects of the exam. The GMAT score counts there too. All the 3 things of the exam should be in sync only then your application might get through.

  1. What is the best strategy to crack PGPX Interview?

I tried to come out very natural even when they ask you a difficult question. Practice here is very important. You might have a lot of improvements, can be in your body language or knowledge. You will get a lot of tips during your interview practice. If you practice a lot the interview will become a non-event.

  1. Any message for IIM A PGPX aspirants.

More practice, concentrate on GMAT score. Show diversity. Difference in your portfolio will make you stand out.

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