Big Data Interview Questions

Big Data Interview Questions along with Hadoop Interview questions are the latest to be asked during Tech Interviews as these are the new technologies shaping future products and services. IT organizations from various domains are investing in big data technologies, increasing the demand for technically competent Hadoop developers. To build career as a Hadoop developer, one must be clear with Hadoop concepts and have a working knowledge of analyzing data using MapReduce, Hive and Pig.

Typical Hadoop interview questions include topics such as replication factor, node failures and distributed caching. If you are looking for frequently asked Big Data and Hadoop Interview questions then you are at the right place.

Here is a list of 50 possible questions that can be asked in the interview:

  1. Explain how Hadoop is different from other parallel computing solutions.
  2. What is Apache Hadoop? Why is Hadoop essential for every Big Data application?
  3. What are the main features and Characteristics of Hadoop which makes it the most popular and powerful Big Data tool?
  4. What is Hadoop and its components?
  5. What are HDFS and YARN?
  6. Can we query the files on Hadoop similar to how we query a RDBMS table?
  7. Is it necessary in Hadoop that we create all programs in Java?
  8. What is the best quality of Hadoop if we want to use it for File storage purpose?
  9. What are some of the core features of Hadoop?
  10. What is the difference between HIVE, PIG and MapReduce Java Programs?
  11. What are the Data extraction tools in Hadoop?
  12. Tell me about the various Hadoop daemons and their roles in a Hadoop cluster.
  13. Compare HDFS with Network Attached Storage
  14. What are the basic differences between relational database and HDFS?
  15. List the difference between Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2.
  16. What are active and passive “NameNodes”?
  17. Why does one remove or add nodes in a Hadoop cluster frequently?
  18. What happens when two clients try to access the same file in the HDFS?
  19. How does NameNode tackle DataNode failures?
  20. What will you do when NameNode is down?
  21. What are the core components of Apache Hadoop?
  22. What are the configuration files in Hadoop?
  23. What are the different modes in which we can configure/install Hadoop?
  24. Explain how Hadoop cluster hardware planning and provisioning is done?
  25. How to create a user in Hadoop?
  26. How to specify more than one path for storage in Hadoop
  27. What is JSP? Why is it used in Hadoop?
  28. What do you mean by metadata in HDFS? Where is it stored in Hadoop?
  29. What is a block in Hadoop HDFS? What should be the block size to get optimum performance from the Hadoop cluster?
  30. What is Small File Problem in Hadoop? How can it be resolved?
  31. What are the modes Hadoop can run in?
  32. What will a Hadoop job do if developers try to run it with an output directory that is already present?
  33. How can you debug your Hadoop code?
  34. Give some examples of companies that are using Hadoop architecture extensively.
  35. Explain about the functioning of Master Slave architecture in Hadoop?
  36. What is distributed cache and what are its benefits?
  37. How do you benchmark your Hadoop Cluster with Hadoop tools?
  38. Explain the major difference between an HDFS block and an InputSplit.
  39. What is streaming access?
  40. What do you mean by “Heartbeat” in HDFS?
  41. What is Speculative execution in Hadoop?
  42. What is InputFormat in Hadoop?
  43. What is the purpose of RecordReader in Hadoop?
  44. What is SequenceFile in Hadoop and Explain its importance?
  45. How can you set random number of mappers and reducers for a Hadoop job?
  46. How many Daemon processes run on a Hadoop System?
  47. What is Combiner?
  48. What happens if the block in HDFS is corrupted?
  49. What is the significance of conf.setMapper class?
  50. What are combiners and when are these used in a MapReduce job?

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