Blogging Career in India

Blogging Career in India  – A new rising career option for people who love creative writing and interested in making a better career in online space. Professional Bloggers are primarily responsible for conceptualizing, writing, editing and promoting the content of a corporate or personal blog. Just a few of the most popular blog categories include fashion, travel, food, music, photography, weddings, celebrity news, real estate, cars and beauty.

Bloggers are freelance writers who maintain an online journal, also known as a blog. These online journals are shared by people who post entries about a variety of topics. Blogs are usually updated very frequently, and the posts are maintained in a chronological order.

Become a professional blogger is more difficult than many people think. While it does not necessarily require any specific formal education, it does require excellent writing chops, a high level of expertise in a chosen field and the ability to be patience and persistent while a base of followers is being built.

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is a flourishing profession and bloggers can earn a lot of money by publishing their posts through paid blogging services. Bloggers can choose to write about anything ranging from literature, fashion, and lifestyle, to technology and social issues.

Bloggers are generally of two kinds – web publishers, and bloggers for hire. A blogger for hire is one who blogs for others and gets paid in return. On the other hand, web publishers create their own blogs and then monetize them.

In order to ensure that their blog is up to date, free of mistakes and viewed by as many readers as possible, Bloggers perform a ton of tasks.

Their duties also include:

  • Perform research and draw from personal knowledge to compose articles about specified subject matter
  • Edit and publish content on company or personal website or blog
  • If blogging on behalf of an organization, may act as a network between readers and the organization and its interests
  • Maintain current knowledge of blog subject matter
  • In either a corporate or personal setting, Bloggers need to take tone, style, marketing goals and target audience into account. Bloggers will also need to find recent data on their readership through a number of digital analytical tools.
  • A Blogger must devote time and energy to promoting the blog through the use of social media platforms, connections, advertisements or email blasts. If they are successful, the blog will receive a greater number of unique hits.

Successful Bloggers are insightful, highly creative individuals who thrive not only on being inspired but also on inspiring others. They are just as adept at using their imagination and looking at things from an abstract perspective as they are at focusing on minute details and polishing a piece of content to perfection.

Becoming a well-paid blogger starts with having a high level of expertise in a subject area, and using excellent writing, editing, grammar and proofreading skills to create a piece of content for the blog. When writing this content, bloggers must also be aware of how to write the content so that it complies with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. This will help the major search engines find the content, and allow a readership base to form.

A good blogger is skilled at then taking their readership and it into a community on their blog. They are able to generate a sense of reader loyalty by engaging readers, and sustaining two-way conversations from comments and questions readers post or submit to the blog.

In a general sense, there are no specific educational requirements for becoming a blogger. However, a graduate-level education in your chosen field can make you quite knowledgeable in a very specific academic field, or “niche”; the kind of expertise that can be very useful in writing a thorough, information and engaging blog for that niche.

However, it is necessary to choose topics wisely and write blogs on subject matters one is knowledgeable about. For instance, those wishing to take up blogging professionally and earn money from it need to conduct significant background research regarding the target audiences and their viewpoints. While creating content for the blog, one must remember that it should not only cater to the demands of the buyers, but also give them something unique which will keep them coming back to the blog.

The amount that bloggers earn can vary greatly. Some bloggers earn an inconsistent and fluctuating income, while others earn a more stable and reliable income. It largely depends on what kind of employment structure they have

Many bloggers work as independent blog publishers, writing for a blog they own and operate. The income of such bloggers depends on the amount of advertising, affiliate sales, and sponsorship revenue they are able to secure.

According to currently available statistics, the average blogger earns about $60,000 annually. Those who are just starting out are likely to earn around $20,000 per year. On the other hand, experienced professional bloggers are known to earn as much as $120,000 on a yearly basis.


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