Corruption Essay

Reservation Vs Corruption Essay GD Topic is very important for any selection process.  We all are aware of the reasons for caste-based reservations, namely, discrimination against castes in the past centuries. Optimistic Indians must focus on the future. Reservations can be made redundant in the near future only via solving corruption first.

As it is, the number of jobs that provide the benefits of reservations is in lakhs whereas the population of the country is in crores. Thus, under the present reservation-based system, it will take 100s of years to bring the suppressed castes into the mainstream via job reservations. The only quicker way out is to provide quality education to all children—by doing so, all can be brought into the mainstream within one generation.

There are several other positive consequences of education as well. For example, the fertility rate decrease with rise in education levels of girls.

Now, how to provide quality education to all children?

  • Increase the education budget at least to the international standards if not more. Sadly all recent budgets are below par in this matter.
  • Remove corruption in the operation of public schools via punishing the corrupt, providing funds to upgrade the infrastructure and ensure that mid-day meals are high quality. The aim should be that public schools become at least as good as the private ones.

Not forgetting that at present time we all are facing complete system failure in our country. Our Government easily draws its hands back at any time whenever any question is asked about its responsibility. E.g.for price hike Government states they have no magic stick, they cannot control price hike, for security against terrorist the answer is same “Government cannot stop each terror attacks and so on.” Worst, our government lacks intelligent politicians who can tackle public demand through peaceful way. Our Government is meeting failure on each and every current matter. Who is responsible for these conditions or what the cause behind government failure are?

Condition like price hike, terror attacks, government bodies engaging in corrupt practices, rises whenever infrastructure of government body respond negatively. The attitude of negative response is found in those people who get the dignity he/she is not eligible for. Unfortunately in our country each and every government sector is full of officials who are not eligible for post they possess.

Now any officer who lacks eligibility can never make perfect decision for any ongoing matters as he will always try to escape from his responsibility and try to draw attention to wrong side.

But the biggest threats, today, for the country is also corruption. The countrymen should rise and fight against corruption at all levels, rather than shedding blood and indulging in violence for the reservation. The reservation has only played the role of an amoeboid monster sowing seeds of discord amongst the people. The importance of merit, in any society, cannot be understated.

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